Frederick Wine Trail

Ask 10 different people what’s the best thing about Frederick, you’ll get 10 different answers. Some will say the rich Civil War history, others will talk about the hip and vibrant arts scene, some love the outdoor adventures around every corner, and others will tell you about the world-class culinary scene that’s made Frederick a cradle of the Farm-to-Table movement. Well there’s one thing that connects all of the amazing things Frederick County has to offer, and that’s the Frederick Wine Trail.

The Frederick Wine Trail meanders through Civil War battlefields, stopping in eclectic downtown Frederick with its funky arts culture, and skirting  the lush soils of the region that has made Frederick a mid-Atlantic breadbasket for countless generations. It explores the spirit of this fantastic region that first made Frederick a nexus for the craft brewing revolution, and now makes it fertile ground for the new Maryland wine movement.

Maryland’s first wine trail was formed in 2007 — along it you’ll taste world-class wines, meet the open-hearted craftspeople who make them, and experience the fantastic flavor of Frederick.

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