African-American Heritage

A marker designates Edward Brodess Farm—a property along Greenbrier Road near Blackwater Refuge that is historically recognized as Harriet Tubman's childhood home.

The impact of Maryland’s African-American heritage is represented across the state—and more importantly, celebrated across the state. Visit Pennsylvania Avenue Black Arts & Entertainment District, the first of its kind in Maryland. Or travel to historic sites where bold and daring acts of defiance on the Underground Railroad changed the course of history. We are open for all. Let us share our heritage with you.


Open for Exploration

Kennard African American Cultural Heritage Center
G.A.R. Post #25, Inc. - Sumner Hall
African-American Schoolhouse Museum
Poplar Neck Plantation at Marsh Creek
Upper Marlboro
Elizabeth Keckly Burial Site

Network to Freedom Guide

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Maryland's Underground Railroad Guide

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African-American Heritage Guide


Maryland's African-American Heritage Guide

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