Explore the
Eastern Shore

Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge at Sunrise

Discover a patchwork landscape of eclectic small towns draped across the pristine beauty of Maryland’s gorgeous Eastern Shore. Experience the shore’s centuries-old tradition of hospitality served with a heaping side of unparalleled Maryland seafood (crabs, oysters, rockfish—no need to choose—try them all!) and the remarkable waters of the Chesapeake Bay. Reach the beach in Assateague and Ocean City, and never tire of endless fun for anyone.


Open for Exploration

Pocomoke City
Costen House & Hall-Walton Memorial Garden
Pocomoke City
Worcester County Visitor Center
Pocomoke City
The River Gem B&B at the Littleton T. Clarke House
Hoof Prints Trail Riding Center
Pocomoke City
Sturgis One-Room School Museum
Pocomoke City
Holiday Inn Express-Pocomoke City