Harriet Tubman Mural
Jill Jasuta

Open for Heroes

​​September is International Underground Railroad Month. Come and see why Maryland is The Most Powerful Underground Railroad Storytelling Destination in the World.

Harriet Tubman Mural
Jill Jasuta

Maryland is truly unique in the number of places that tell inspiring stories of the heroic men, women and children who fought for freedom from slavery along the Underground Railroad. Discover more about those involved in the Underground Railroad, including Maryland’s courageous Harriet Tubman, the brilliant orator Frederick Douglass, and thousands of freedom seekers. Maryland is open for heroes.

Visit the Frederick Douglass Park on the Tuckahoe
park with river

Explore Douglass’s beloved homeland. Outdoor exhibits describe his early life with his grandparents in a humble cabin and his determination to rise above the bondage of slavery. Hear the bird calls, feel the cool water and see the wild arrow arum growing, just as he did. Douglass’s roots run deep here, and his spirit lives on through these lands.

See Her Story: The Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Byway
Harriet Tubman at a fence
Maryland Dept of Natural Resources

At the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Visitor Center and State Park visitors become immersed in Tubman’s world through informative, evocative  exhibits. Drive the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Scenic Byway to explore the secret network of trails, waterways and safe houses used by enslaved people fleeing north to escape slavery and visit sites along the byway where Harriet's life unfolded.

Following In His Footsteps: Experience the Maryland Frederick Douglass Driving Tour
Frederick Douglass Painting
Banneker Douglass Museum's Fine Art Collection

Born on a farm on Maryland's Eastern Shore, Frederick Douglass chronicled his experiences in slavery and is regarded as one of America's most prominent and influential orators, abolitionists and statesmen. Discover the real Frederick Douglass in the places that shaped him on a driving tour that starts on the Eastern Shore and takes you through Annapolis and Baltimore.

Explore Maryland's Underground Railroad Network to Freedom
Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Visitor Center

Visitors enjoy interactive and immersive exhibits at the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Visitor Center.

Hidden in Maryland’s landscapes are the stories of hundreds of freedom seekers who risked their lives to escape slavery. Full of courage and inspiration, more people successfully fled from bondage in Maryland than from any other state.