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Nighthawk in Fells Point
Fells Point

September is International Underground Railroad Month. Learn more about Maryland's courageous freedom seekers and how they found liberty.



Located at the bustling nexus of America’s first railroad and a busy Chesapeake waterfront, the enslaved in Central Maryland had opportunities to find freedom. Freedom seekers escaped to the North on foot, hid and blended into the free Black population on crowded streets, alleys and wharves, or found freedom by riding the rails or sailing away. Railroads, waterways and roads provided pathways to freedom for those living in Maryland and for those fleeing bondage from farther south.


B&O Railroad Museum
B&O Railroad Museum
Daniel Hughes
Havre de Grace Maritime Museum
Chesapeake City - Bridge Reflected
Elk Neck - path through the forest
Elk Neck State Park, Maryland Department of Natural Resources
Skyview of a town
Visit Howard County

Flights to freedom were difficult and dangerous, and not all were successful, yet Baltimore served as a vital hub of Underground Railroad and abolitionist activity. Underground Railroad agents often operated while hidden in plain sight.

Follow the Central Maryland Underground Railroad Driving Tour, and journey on the walking tours through Baltimore and Ellicott City. Discover places where brave souls struggled for their freedom and the lucky ones found liberty.


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