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A Taste of Maryland

The abundance of Maryland is reflected in its unique cuisine. Here’s a collection of authentic Old Line State dishes and delicacies for you to try at home.

Smith Island Baking Company

Smith Island Layer Cake With Traditional Chocolate Icing
Smith Island Baking Company

A beloved Maryland tradition, the official Maryland State Dessert is a standout on any table. With its thin layers of delicate yellow cake each slathered in a decadent schmear of icing, Smith Island cake would be too beautiful to eat…. if it weren’t so darned delicious!

Maryland Rockfish & Mango Ceviche
Fabian Gutiérrez Cortés

The treasure of the Chesapeake meets the mouthwatering flavors of the tropics in this dockside favorite. Tangy, spicy, healthy, and unbelievably delicious, Maryland Rockfish & Mango Ceviche is yet another reason to book a Maryland fishing charter.

Crispy Maryland Blue Catfish
Fried Maryland Blue Catfish

Blue catfish are an invasive species, introduced into the Chesapeake Bay Watershed decades ago. The bad news is that they are diminishing our native aquatic life like blue crabs, striped bass, American shad, and yellow perch. The good news is that these invaders are delicious. Put your apron on and get ready to help the Bay by cooking up some crispy blue catfish.

Southern Maryland Stuffed Ham
Stuffed Ham

Dishes don’t stick around virtually unchanged for three centuries unless they are something truly special, and this Southern Maryland favorite certainly fits the bill. From the founders of the Maryland colony to the tables of today, Southern Maryland Stuffed Ham remains the hallmark of an unforgettable holiday feast. 

Grilled Old Bay Wings
Old Bay Wings

When people think of Maryland, the iconic shape of an Old Bay can is probably one of the first things to come to mind since we put it on everything! It’s no wonder Old Bay Wings are a staple at restaurants and pubs across the Old Line State.

Chicken Maryland
chicken Maryland dish

Escoffier’s Chicken Maryland is a breaded, pan-fried chicken garnished with bananas. According to Francis Beirne’s 1951 classic “The Amiable Baltimoreans,” bananas were one of the Port of Baltimore’s 10 leading imports, and they made their way into all sorts of dishes.

Real Maryland Crab Cakes
Faidley Seafood

If the Maryland Flag weren’t so cool, we’d probably fly a picture of a crab cake over the statehouse. Once you’ve had your first real one made with handpicked Maryland jumbo lump crab, you’ll know why. 

Cream of Crab Soup
bowl of Cream of Crab soup
Papas Crabs

This easy and inspired dish is a rich and decadent celebration of Maryland crab’s unique flavor. As to the age-old debate, spicy red Maryland Crab Soup vs. its smooth and creamy cousin, you’ll have to try them both and decide for yourself. Or combine them half-and-half, a true win-win!

Maryland Crab Soup
bowl of Maryland crab soup

Bold and spicy with a heady scent that fills a room with the flavor of the Chesapeake, Maryland Crab Soup accompanies our best-known seafood star with the bounty of Maryland’s farms. As far as which is the best soup in the world, Maryland Crab or Cream of Crab, the obvious answer is both!

Maryland Fried Oysters
plates of fried oysters

You used to have to wait for months with an “R” in them to enjoy this Chesapeake staple, but with more and more Maryland oyster farmers working the bay, this is a dish best served year round! 

Maryland Oyster Stew
bowls of oyster stew
Hoopers Island Oyster Co.

A winter-warmer welcome in every Chesapeake kitchen, Maryland Oyster Stew captures the heady flavors of the bay and is sure to become a favorite of any shellfish devote. 

Deal Island Devil Cream
Chocolate cake

Decadent and delicious, this rich chocolate cake with luscious vanilla cream icing is the pride of Deal Island and the yin to the Smith Island Cake’s yang.  Try it once and you’ll know why this traditional favorite never misses an appearance on an Eastern Shore holiday table.

Pan Seared Chesapeake Ray with Local Sungold Tomatoes, Purple Peppers and Red Onions
Chef Justin Moore
Vin 909 Winecafe

This bold dish may seem exotic at first (and will surely wow your guests!) but is a simple, quick preparation that highlight delicious, steak-y Maryland ray, a lesser known treasure of the Chesapeake.

Maryland White Potato Pie
Maryland White Potato Pie

A soul-food favorite and a Chesapeake tradition dating back to colonial days, Maryland White Potato Pie is a bright and beautiful take on the simple potato with a healthy helping of sweetness and a ripping citrus zest.