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You can travel through Maryland with your family from the comfort of your living room.  There are many ways to experience Maryland, no matter your age.  



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Flamingo at Maryland Zoo
Image Credit: Maryland Zoo

For your family time, here is a short list of virtual experiences to get you started.  Explore Maryland with organizations who have devised adventures and activities just for you and the family.  So get the gang together and see what you can enjoy or even create together.  Nature, animals and science projects are some of the virtual experiences listed below.  Crayons optional.


Blacktip Reef Shark reside at the National Aquarium

1 National Aquarium Exhibit Livestreams

National Aquarium Exhibit Livestreams with its At-Home Activities are soothing (and educational) favorites.  How many residents of Blacktip Reef can you find on the coloring page section of our activity page? This view is considered the most popular virtual experience in Maryland.

More about National Aquarium in Baltimore


501 E Pratt St
Baltimore, MD 21202

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Osprey Image Credit: Chesapeake Conservancy

2 Chesapeake Conservancy Wildlife Webcams and Virtual Tours

Chesapeake Conservancy Wildlife Webcams lets you follow the secret life of birds in Maryland. Virtual tours allow you to see the John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail so you can plan your next adventure. 
Peregrine Falcon, live on a ledge on the 33rd floor of the Transamerica building in downtown Baltimore.  (Note: cams are a unique way to watch these beautiful birds of prey in their home, but of course that is not always easy for humans to watch.) Evidently these birds chose urban living for its executive office appeal.  

Great Blue Heron are tall, bluish-gray wading birds with long, pointed bills and graceful, S-shaped necks. They live year-round in marshes and wetlands throughout the Chesapeake Bay region and are also found on freshwater lakes, ponds and impoundments. They spend about 90 percent of their waking hours hunting for food.

Osprey spend the Spring in Kent County on Maryland's Eastern Shore.  They migrate thousands of miles each year to and from Central and South America, mate for life, and return to the same spot year after year, despite spending the winter apart from each other.

boy with robot image Image Credit: Maryland Science Center

3 Maryland Science Center Comes to You

Let's Science TogetherScience at Home and Facebook ​showcase popular programs the Maryland Science Center offers.  Now you can virtually participate in experiments at home.

Flamingo at Maryland Zoo Image Credit: Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

4 Maryland Zoo Live

Maryland Zoo Live cameras bring home your favorite zoo animals in real time. Enjoy live cams and feeds featuring Penguins, Swan Nest, Lions, the Flamingo, and the Goat Corral. You'll feel like a friend when it is time to visit in person.

Image Credit: Waterfront Partnership

5 Waterfront Partnership Downloadable Coloring Pages

Waterfront Partnership has created downloadable Activity & Coloring Pages for children. Scenes around Baltimore's Harbor are featured. Our favorite is Mr.Trash Wheel. What's your favorite?

USS Constellation Image Credit: USS Ships in Baltimore

6 Historic Ships in Baltimore - 19th-Century Life at Sea.

Experience 19th-century life at sea with one of the most impressive collections of military vessels in the world.
USS Constellation, famous for its place in history and a Baltimore icon, can be toured virtually.  
USS Torsk, a submarine, reveals the waterproof Conning Tower, not usually visible to the public.

Sultana Education Foundation Virtual Classroom Lesson Image Credit: Sultana Education Foundation

7 The Sultana and Life on the Chesapeake Bay

The Sultana team relates insider stories of the Chesapeake Bay daily. They also teach skills and history.  The Sultana calls it their Virtual Classroom.  We think you'll call it "after this, I can't wait for a visit."

Chesapeake Bay Foundation's Journey of a Raindrop Image Credit: Chesapeake Bay Foundation

8 Chesapeake Bay Foundation On Screen

The Watershed Journey of a Raindrop tells a simple story of a single raindrop as it travels to the Bay, going through pristine waters and polluted streams.  Charming illustrations accompany the raindrop's adventures.  This is one of many such short videos produced by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

Maryland Wildlife Coloring Book Image Credit: Maryland Department of Natural Resources

9 Maryland Department of Natural Resources Goes Inside to Go Outside

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources offers Wildlife & Heritage activities that are fun for all ages.  Many projects can be accomplished indoors or close to home.  You can even learn how to attract pollinator bees to your property.

Piney Point PALS Coloring & Activity Book Image Credit: Ellen C. Halbert

10 Piney Point Lighthouse's Coloring Pages

Piney Point Lighthouse Museum & Historic Park in St. Mary's County has happy, ready-to-color downloadable pages, excerpted from the full book.  Created by a local artist, the whimsical characters of Lighthouse PALS may even be familiar to some.

B&O Railroad Museum History Image Credit: B&O Railroad Museum

11 B&O Railroad Museum Live

B&O Railroad Museum Live illuminates the history of railroading and even throws in a virtual Morse Code keyboard!  "SOS" anyone?  Just by scrolling down the page, you will trace the Railroad's founding days, its many innovations, its influence on Baltimore and the introduction of what was the internet of the day: the telegraph and of course "Morse Code."

Virtual Rec Center Image Credit: Baltimore Recreation & Parks

12 Virtual Rec Programs for All Ages

Virtual Rec, curated by Baltimore City Recreation & Parks, has ideas for all ages:  the very young, teens, adults, seniors and those who want exercise without even standing up!  Link to read-alongs, creative play adventures, science projects, a virtual Hogwarts, coding tips, meditation, even bird watching. Thinkport made the list, with fun and thoughtful educational programs known nationally for their quality. 

International Space Station Image Credit: NASA

13 Outer Space Is Part of Maryland Too!

NASA's International Space Station TV -  Watch the view and when on duty, even hear the crew talk to Mission Control; otherwise enjoy the view.
Tour the International Space Station - Take a guided tour and see what it is like to float through the Station with an expert guide.  You can do it in your socks!

woman in front of mural

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Featured Places
National Aquarium in Baltimore
501 E Pratt St
Baltimore, MD 21202