Black Eyed Susans

Maryland Fun for Everyone

Black Eyed Susans

Let your imagination roam with the Free State’s Maryland Mad Libs, bingo, scavenger hunts, and more!    

Maryland Mad Libs
madlib sheet

These wacky word games are the absolute (ADJECTIVE)! Or maybe they’re really the (ADJECTIVE)… We say it’s fun for the whole family, but the only way to know for sure is to join in on the looney adventures of the whole gang - Sam the OtterMandy MuskratWestern Maryland Murray, O.C. Earl and Betty Blue Crab

Old Line Bingo
Bingo card

Old Line BINGO - On this board, “B-I-N-G-O” spells Maryland Pride! Check off the boxes on the iconic Maryland experiences you’ve had and see if you’ve got what it takes to shout out “I’ve got Old Line BINGO!”

You Can Only Pick Three
Collage of photos for game

Wild horses on the beach at Assateague, the view from the King & Queen Seat high above majestic Deer Creek, and kayaking the open Chesapeake all sound amazing, but what about a hike to gorgeous Cunningham Falls? And of course, you like crabs both steamed and softshell, and who wouldn't want a slice of delicious white potato pie for dessert, but are you going to skip the fresh Chesapeake oysters and the Maryland-fried chicken? Picking only three can be so very, very, very hard... 

Maryland Brain Teasers
Brain Teaser game

Looking for a noodle-bending challenge that also leaves you dreaming of a Maryland getaway? These brain teasers are true Free State pleasers!

Free State Word Search
Word search game

What’s a 25-letter phrase for a great way to spend your day? The answer is obviously “Free State word search!”

Maryland Jigsaw Puzzles

 Piece together these puzzlers for a real treat as each jigsaw puzzle comes together to reveal an iconic Maryland image.

Choose Your Maryland Travel Pod
Quarantine House game card

We’ve pulled together a star-spangled roster of Maryland luminaries and split them into six celebrity travel pods. Are you going to be roomies with Edgar Allan Poe or Cal Ripken Jr.? Mike Rowe or Melo? Let us know your pick!   

Maryland Coloring Pages
Coloring page of lighthouse

Maryland may be the Old Line State, but we won’t get mad if you color outside of them. Just make sure to use plenty of red, black and gold and let these great Maryland coloring pages brighten up your day.

Put a little Maryland in your virtual background
Choptank River

Paint those virtual get-togethers' red, black and gold with these Maryland-themed backgrounds. No one will doubt your Old Line State patriotism with these great images!

Free State Scavenger Hunt
Scavenger hunt list

You might be from Maryland if you can score better than 70 percent on this Free State Scavenger Hunt. Let's see how much Maryland you’ve got in your house and let us know how you score!


Maryland Statue Challenge
Nipper statue

From “The Thinker” at the Baltimore Museum of Art to the massive, 72-foot statue “The Awakening” in National Harbor, there’s lots of iconic Maryland statues just waiting for your spin on the classics. So show us what you’ve got when it comes to classic poses. Bonus points for costumes and forcing your pet to get involved (First Thinker Hamster wins a No-Prize)!

This or That, Maryland Style
This or that game

Prefer crabs over oysters?  Cream of crab over Maryland crab soup? And no cheating with Half-N-Half, you’re on this side of “The Old Line” or the other. Be loud and proud and let us know your Free State faves!
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Maryland Bucket List
bucket list game card

What are those only-in-Maryland experiences and unique Free State destinations that you absolutely want to try?