Person standing on the shore watching the sunset.

Maryland Wellness Travel, A Perfect 10 for Your Zen

Ten routes to find your inner freedom in the Free State.

Person standing on the shore watching the sunset.

Looking to take a break from the grind and get your chakras in line? Maryland is the ideal place to cut loose from the world and rediscover what makes you, you, no matter what it takes. Maybe your peace comes carried on a clean mountain breeze. Western Maryland is waiting. Perhaps your center lies in the serenade of snapping sails and blue-green waves lapping at your hull. Set a course for the Chesapeake and leave your troubles in your wake. Maybe it’s on the links, thigh-deep in a trout stream, immersed in Atlantic waves, or just relaxed on a massage table in a serene, sophisticated spa. No matter your peace, you’ll find your freedom in the Free State.

Escape to the Chesapeake

The treasure that is the Chesapeake, the welcoming heart of Maryland. Whether it’s a five-star resort on the shores of the bay, the rich flavors of traditional Chesapeake cooking, or the warm faces of the people you’ll meet along the way, the healing waters of the mighty Chesapeake Bay are waiting to carry you on your journey. Find the wellness journey just right for you on The Great Chesapeake Bay Loop.

Let Your Spirit Soar on Mountain Winds

Fill your lungs with crisp, Appalachian air and have your breath taken away by sweeping mountain vistas. Some souls sing sweetest in the mountains, Western Maryland is waiting to join in their tune. Skiing, hiking, or just simply some space. You’ll find what you’re looking for on the Mountain Side of Maryland.

Break for an Atlantic Retreat

Maybe it’s the sound of wild hoofbeats on Atlantic dunes. Maybe it’s restorative walks along the seashore on the Ocean City boardwalk. Assateague Island, home of the world-famous wild horses, and Ocean City, birthplace of a million perfect memories, are so close and waiting for you. Find your Atlantic retreat in Maryland.

Chesapeake Bay with Bridge at Sunset
Woman standing with her arms up on the top of the Annapolis Rock in Western Maryland
Ocean City Beach and Dunes
Assateague Island with wild ponies grazing

Relax and Revive in Comfortable and Calming Hotels

Kick back and relax on a getaway to a resort or hotel. Maryland offers some of the finest hotel getaways in the world. Find your bliss at these unique Maryland escapes.

Set Sail for Serenity

Annapolis isn’t just Maryland’s capital, it’s the sailing capital of the world, and with good reason. As the Chesapeake stretches from its headwaters at the mouth of the Susquehanna River and broadens gently towards the sea, it builds a home for the best sailing on Earth. Take a sailing lesson for two or just for one, join a sunset cruise on a historic schooner, or live a dream on a sailing charter. Getting out on the water in Maryland is the best medicine.

Drop the Calls and Drop a Line

Maybe you crave the thrill of big game fishing out over the Atlantic canyons. Perhaps it’s the camaraderie of a rockfishing charter on the Chesapeake. For some, it’s the solitude of a mountain stream jumping with fat trout and the elegance of a glassy smooth cast. For those who find their freedom in fishing, Maryland is a true paradise.

Keepers cottage at Cove Point Lighthouse.

Find Your Heaven in Horse Country

Rolling countryside, the green grass stretching out ahead, and a good horse beneath you. Some folks are never more at home than when they’re in the saddle. If you’re one of those people, let Maryland fulfill your equestrian dreams.

Get Back in the Swing with a Golf Getaway

With an incredible variety of golf courses to choose from, Maryland is home to the best day for every duffer! Whether you crave a course set on Chesapeake shores, cast against exhilarating mountain vistas, or accompanied by the fresh Atlantic air, you’ll be invigorated by Maryland’s wealth of golf getaways.

Lift Your Spirits to the Voices of the Birds

Whether your spirit soars at the sight of eagles above or you find your peace seeking elusive songbirds on lonesome forest trails, Maryland’s nest is full of experiences for birders, and all so close together. Spend one day watching seabirds on the Great Atlantic Flyway in Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge and the next searching for the exotic painted bunting on the wooded edge of Great Falls in the C&O Canal National Historical Park. For birders in Maryland, the sky is the limit.

Leave Your Cares on the Road

For some of us, our car is an old friend and the open road is the best route to find ourselves. Sometimes, the best self-care is a good old fashioned road trip, and Maryland’s 18 Scenic Byways provide a perfect option for everyone whose heart yearns for the Zen of the open road.

Queenstown Harbor Golf Course
Queenstown Harbor
Sunset and geese at Lake Artemesia in College Park Maryland