Top Things to Do

Charter Fishing/Crabbing Tours

Join a seasoned guide who will take you to the Bay’s best fishing spots and provide instruction, tips and tricks to hook a large Striped Bass, while you discover secrets about the magnificent Chesapeake. Some trips also land flounder, sea trout, red drum, croaker, bluefish, spot, perch, or Spanish mackerel. Other trips trot-line for crabs. Rods, bait, tackle, licenses and tours aboard USCG certified vessels provided.
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History Tours

The Chesapeake Bay teems with unique culture that has evolved from centuries of watermen and maritime heritage. Discover her fascinating stories, and experience the sights and sounds on both land and water. From Native American settlements, to colonial sites, boat-building, fish and oyster harvesting, waterfowling, U.S. Naval history and more, there is so much to explore. Some tours are aboard skipjacks, bugeyes, buy boats, paddle boats or other historic vessels, part of the Bay’s renowned fishing and transportation industry.
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Hook and Cook/Culinary Tasting Tours

Join a thrilling fishing charter for a guided trip, reel in your catch, then clean and grill your fish shoreside. Or you can explore Maryland’s signature culinary heritage through a day or weekend retreat where you learn to prepare delectable dishes.  These local farm and dock to table experiences delight the senses.
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