Submitting An Event

The Calendar of Events is the most popular section of the Visit Maryland website.  Each event is fact-checked against the organization's webpage and that webpage address (url) is attached to that specific event.  Please read below for specifics. 


Criteria, Instructions & Tips for Submitting Events


Events submitted to the calendar must meet criteria set by The Maryland Office of Tourism (“the Office”). The Office reserves the right to approve, remove, edit and reject submissions and to resize and crop images provided.

  •  Events must be tourism-related and appeal to a variety of Maryland visitors.
  •  Prior to submission, events must appear on the submitting organization’s website or facebook page.  That   provides the required link (URL). This URL allows   for additional sharing through various Office   platforms. Every event is fact-checked using this URL.
  •  If there is no on-line presence, the event may not qualify.
  •  Events must be non-discriminatory, open to the public and within Maryland.
  •  Cultural, heritage and sporting events should attract non-local audiences and be closely related to the   region’s most vital tourism attractions/products.
  •  Events must have a specific date/dates.
  •  Events must include a contact person.
  •  If an event is listed multiple times, the Office reserves the right to designate a coordinator/organization as   the contact.
  •  Events not updated annually may be removed from the database.
  •  A facility may not list daily operations as an event. For example, a museum may list special  shows/activities,   but not its normal hours of operation as an event.


  • Visit
  • Scroll down and click “Add Event” under “SUBMIT Your Event”
  • If not registered, create an account. Returning users login to manage existing/add new events.
  • Enter ALL required information, including event URL (link to the event), and click “Save.” If all info is not yet available, fill in everything else and

    select “Finish Later.”  Complete and “Submit” when ready.
  • The Office uses your webpage URL to fact-check/review your event. If approved, the event is published, usually within three business days.
  •  If contacted for additional event information, please respond quickly.


  • Use short titles without special characters. (No “ “ or : or , or $ for example)
  • Keep descriptions under 250 characters.
  • Add a physical address, with street number and name (if not in the database).
  • Tours should use the most logical address.
  • You may include an image. The Office reserves the right to crop and resize your image; images may appear elsewhere on Events without an image will get an icon.


  • Use the same title every time. Do not include year/number of years. i.e., Do not say “5th Annual.”
  • To update an existing event or add more, use the same account. Share account info with others to eliminate duplicate accounts.

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Updated 6/01/2018