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Boating and Sailing

Boating and Sailing

Take a boating or sailing trip in Maryland - browse some of the best businesses here that will help you get out on the water.

Start Here for Maryland Boating and Sailing Trip Planning

With the Atlantic to the East, the Chesapeake Bay, and may rivers running through it, Maryland is a perfect boating or sailing getaway. Browse the businesses here that will help you get out onto Maryland's waterways.

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About Boating & Water Sports

Deal Island Harbor hosts this race each Labor Day Weekend. The event also features a fishing contest and delicious local food.
11 Ways to Get Out on the Water

So many ways to traverse Maryland’s waterways, so little time.


Boat marina

Marinas in Maryland are hubs of land-based and water-based fun.


 Potomac Paddlesports on the C&O
Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand up paddleboard, referred to as SUP, is becoming one of the fastest-growing watersports and is a new way to have fun on many of Maryland's waterways.


Blue Sky Sailing aboard the Shardana
Water Sports

With rivers, lakes, beaches and the Bay, Maryland has an incredible variety of places to enjoy water sports.