Maryland Topography



The Appalachian Mountains

Features include:

  • The Allegheny Mountains
  • Deep Creek Lake, Maryland's largest lake
  • Backbone Mountain, Maryland's highest point of land
  • Mountains, valleys, lakes and streams
  • Forests, farms, orchards and vineyards
  • Sub-arctic swamp
  • 350-million-year-old rock formations

The Piedmont Plateau

Features include:

  • Rolling hills, pasture and fertile farmland
  • Quarries and iron pits
  • Susquehanna and Monocacy rivers
  • Great Falls of the Potomac River
  • Fall line, where the Piedmont Plateau flattens into Atlantic Coastal Plain

The Atlantic Coastal Plain

Features include:

  • The Chesapeake Bay
  • Bay tributaries, swamps and marshes
  • The Atlantic Ocean