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Trip Advisor Great cruise on the Chesapeake Bay! (St Michael's trip)
Oct 10, 2014 by: Fayne M from Annapolis, Maryland
My wife and I took the 7.5 hour bay cruise from Annapolis, MD to St. Michael's, MD. Overall, it was a great trip! The ship is very clean, the crew was great, great views and we didn't feel crowded on the ship with the other 102 that were with us. As we were talking about this trip after we got home we thought of some things that would improve the cruise. One, it would be really nice if the captain gave a history lesson on the Chesapeake Bay, the surrounding areas on the shores, crabbbing and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge during the cruise. Also, a few lighthouses are passed and some history on those would have been nice as well. For a 2 hour cruise one way this would have been a nice way to break it up a bit. There was some history given on the harbor and the Naval Academy which was nice. Second, you get 3 hours at St Michaels. That seems like plenty of time but it's not if you want to see the museum, eat and shop. By time we did a short tour of the museum for about 15 mins, went in the lighthouse for about 10 mins, walked to the restaurant and ate that only left us 30 mins to shop. So, I would just suggest maybe bringing something with you to eat if you plan on a majority of your time being done at the shops (which are very pricey by the way!). All in all, this was a great time! We plan on giving gift certs to family and doing this again next year. This was well worth the money.

Trip Advisor Trip to St. Michael's...things to keep in mind!
Oct 06, 2014 by: happythreesome from Washington, DC
We are a travel loving family of three. Annapolis is a favorite destination especially when family is visiting the DC area as in this case for our Day on the Bay. This cruise to St. Michael's, while lovely, is not geared with children in mind. Our eight-year old, thankfully, was able to keep himself fairly entertained, but I noticed that it wasn't always so easy for families with smaller children. I would recommend parents to bring activities for their children as the cruise is four hours round trip. Also, bring food (to minimize expenses) and sunscreen, especially if you plan on being on the upper deck. You do have three hours in St. Michael's, but that does go by quickly. By the time you eat lunch, zip through Main Street and the museum, you are out of time and need to head back to the boat. It is lovely being on the Chesapeake and if the weather cooperates, I would suggest being on the upper deck to enjoy the views and fresh air. I was not, however, willing to spend the extra money for a seat on the upper deck, but you may be especially if you require sitting. (I stood!) While I am glad that we took this trip and our family enjoyed it, I would not do it again. I do think our spending money could be better spent. The captain and crew were all very friendly and in my book that does go a long way. There are, however, other Annapolis cruises and truthfully I would not hesitate to give them a try.

Trip Advisor Star Spangled Spectacular!!
Sep 28, 2014 by: Dogdaystraveler from Bellefonte, Pennsylvania
We visited Baltimore for the Star Spangled Spectacular event and booked two cruises with Watermark. The first was an afternoon cruise for the Blue Angels and the second was later that evening for the fireworks display over Fort McHenry…….both were fabulous! I cannot say enough about how pleased we were with Watermark. Both cruises from start to finish were great. The staff at check in and the crew on each boat were very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. For both cruises, the captain positioned us in the best possible viewing areas. For the Blue Angels, the weather in the early part of the day was not the greatest so the show was delayed a bit. The captain extended our trip by about an hour so we did not miss a thing! We had a wonderful, memorable family experience and all I can say is thank you Watermark.

Trip Advisor Chesapeake Bay Lighthouse Cruise
Sep 25, 2014 by: grammy903 from Baltimore, MD
What a great day on the Chesapeake, seeing Lighthouses on the Bay. Great crew & great narration by a very knowledgeable commentator. Well worth the money!!

Trip Advisor Lighthouse Cruise
Sep 24, 2014 by: MarylandJen from Maryland
Fun and stressfree tour on the bay around Annapolis. Saw 3 lights and several other points of interest. Can not imagine changing a thing about the tour!

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