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Trip Advisor Civil War history brought to life
Jul 30, 2014 by: John P from Fairfax, Virginia
We enjoyed stopping here at this preserved site along the Civil War Trail encountering the stops made by Booth and his cohort on their attempted escape from justice.

Trip Advisor A "must see" if you are interested in this era
Jul 23, 2014 by: MsBaltimore234 from Baltimore, Maryland
While driving through this scenic area to reach another destination, I saw the signs for the Dr. Mudd House and Museum, and thought I would check it out. It was definitely worth the trip. The grounds contain a Civil War soldier's campsite reconstruction, a shed with many original farm tools, buggies, etc., and a very interesting, although small, Civil War museum, that had a gentleman explaining the artifacts and exhibits. This all was interesting to view while awaiting the tour of the house. Dr. Mudd was a young doctor who treated John Wilkes Booth for a leg injury as he escaped after assassinating President Lincoln. The home is actually a small plantation where he and his family lived, practiced medicine and ran a farm (with a number of slaves, but you have to ask about that or it seems to be omitted from the narration). Our docent, dressed in a period costume, made the tour interesting and even a little bit amusing. You learned about the family and how they lived in the time. The furnishings, many of which are original, and the kitchen and its wares were fascinating to see. The docents and people minding the home and small gift shop are seemingly all descendants and/or connected to the Mudd family, keep in mind, and they are apparently attempting to clear him posthumously of any possible involvement, which he had been convicted of in his day and later pardoned, in regard to the Lincoln assassination, and show the family in a very positive light. You will not learn a lot of detail about the case, but the time, about an hour and 15 minutes between the tour and seeing the outside exhibits, and the cost, $7, are very well worth it.

Trip Advisor Unfortunate Timing
Nov 18, 2013 by: Danielle G from Somerset, Kentucky
I can't say a lot about this tour mainly because as soon as the tour started I nearly passed out. I'm not sure what caused it. We had taken the walk around the grounds, and it was very hot out. I think in the 90s. But I was fine during the walk, and I was fine when I first went inside. It wasn't until the tour started and I went into that first room that I started to feel light headed. I've always been sensitive towards the paranormal, and I've heard stories that The Mudd House is haunted, but that doesn't exactly mean it was something paranormal that caused me to feel that way. It just makes me think, you know? Mostly because I still have no idea what caused it, and it's never happened to be before or after. Either way, the people there were very kind. Someone in my tour group was a paramedic and he helped me to sit down, which was the only thing that saved me for passing out completely. The people working there offered me some chocolate and I was given a water. They completely refunded my money and the money of my friends that went with me, and that was something they didn't even have to do. I hope that I can go back someday and actually take the tour of the house. But I wanted to write this review, just to let everyone know how kind the people are that work there. They're very welcoming, and I'm sure that makes for a fun tour for everyone.

Trip Advisor Delaware Sunday drive
Aug 13, 2013 by: Annmarie R from Delaware City, Delaware
Beautiful Summer drive down to Waldorf MD. The museum was much more then we expected. The tour lasted about an hour.Two of the Mudd family descendant's were on site and seemed surprised we drove 2 1/2 hours to view the museum. The Mudd family has done a great job in preserving such a piece of history. Home had lovely furnishings, and beautiful grounds. Tour guide was very knowledgeable. We continued are drive to Clinton MD to see Surratt House Museum, completing this end of John Wilkes Booth escape.

Trip Advisor Dr. Mudd House
Aug 08, 2013 by: wwwoodward from Saint Leonard, Maryland
The house is well kept and clean with much of the original furniture. The tour guide was quite knowledgeable. There is a gift shop which was operated by the great grand daughter of the Doctor. It was a very enjoyable tour and I recommend to everyone!

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