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Trip Advisor Great for outdoor lovers!
Dec 15, 2014 by: Darius A from New York
My girlfriend and I visited Assateague with hopes of capturing good photo ops (horses, other animals, sunrises, beaches, landscapes etc) and the state park did not disappoint. We came across many horses in their natural habitat and found others hanging in campgrounds at night (we looked out of our tent and saw a pair laying next to our campsite). The beaches are great and not crowded at all, and the bathhouses were surprisingly very clean and well kept. We did reserve our camp spot rather late in the game and were "stuck" with the last spot in the loop - next to the bathhouse. While it was easy access, we did have to deal with the light at night and the flow of people going in and out. While it wasnt a continuous flow, it was definitely noticeable. That didn't however dampen the trip at all, and the campsite was definitely worth it. Also, bring lots of good bugspray. We initially brought eco-friendly sprays (we wanted to be environmentally conscious), but we learned that the mosquitoes were actually attracted to the all-natural stuff. Definitely go for the real heavy duty spray. It's worth it, especially if you explore some of the trails in the nearby National Park. Those trails are a quick walk from the state park campgrounds, and are definitely worth checking out for good photos and horse sightings.

Trip Advisor Beautiful scenery and wildlife.
Dec 15, 2014 by: John K from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
We visited the park on 4 different occasions this past week. They have recently built a new marsh boardwalk that is handicapped accessible. it is 1/2 mi long and well worth your time to enjoy it. We enjoyed seeing the ponies, Whitetailed and Sitka deer as well as swans geese and ducks.

Trip Advisor Beautiful and unique park
Dec 10, 2014 by: Colin M from Albany, New York, United States
During our first visit to Assateague, we spent some time enjoying the beach, and it was almost surreal to have the wild horses just wandering around among the sunbathers on the sand. It is a beautiful stretch of beach. It was disturbing, though, to see so many parents encouraging their little kids to "go pet the nice horsey." There is plenty of signage warning folks to not do that. The horses are wild and unpredictable. A park ranger told us about a recent incident in which a little girl had to be airlifted out of the park to the hospital, after being encouraged by her parents to go play with the horse so they could get some pictures, and then the horse bit her pretty severely.

Trip Advisor Avoid the crowds
Dec 03, 2014 by: Tru_Wonder from Berlin, Maryland
Assateague State Park is the perfect place to walk the beach. Same ocean, without the crowds of Ocean City, just six miles south. And it's dog friendly! We almost always see the horses, which is fun. The annual pass is a great value.

Trip Advisor Love seeing the wildlife!
Nov 21, 2014 by: sarahrachel88 from Nazareth, PA
This is a nice place to go through with kids. The horses are beautiful and the educational center is worth a look. This will please any nature lover!

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