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Trip Advisor Horses
Oct 14, 2014 by: rerereds1 from King of Prussia, Pennsylvania
A must see !! The horses are beautiful. The scenery is breathtaking. The fee is for crossing over the bridge to the shoreline. Make sure you visit gift store, great children's books and gift ideas for the whole family.

Trip Advisor Assateague
Oct 11, 2014 by: Bluebirdsinging from East Earl, Pennsylvania
Enjoyed the Assateague horses and area. Horses were by the road in several places so they were very easy to watch and enjoy. Also visited the Rackliffe Plantation House when in the park. Admission of $5 was very reasonable and very informative.

Trip Advisor Beautiful seaside State Park
Oct 07, 2014 by: Barbara T from Pottstown
Assateague State Park has a beautiful beach and dunes. The facilities for the beach area are good where you enter the beach location. There is a parking fee but it is reasonably priced - $5 for out-of-state vehicle. Food and store are available during season only but the bath house is open for use during off-season. The beach is clean and the sand is wonderful. With luck you may see some wild horses running on the beach. We prefer to visit the park from mid-September to mid-October. Weather is still very good for walks on the beach and other water activities, but the traffic is much better than peak season!

Trip Advisor Horseplay
Oct 06, 2014 by: chairduck from Amherst, Ohio
We basically just came to see the horses, and while we weren't lucky enough to find any on the beach (or any people, for that matter; maybe it was too chilly), once we started driving around the campground, we saw them all over the place. Don't give up too early and don't get too impatient--or, be smarter than we were, and look up in advance when/where you can find 'em. But for the love of god, DON'T TOUCH THE HORSES. THEY ARE NOT PETS. THEY ARE WILD ANIMALS. Look at the brochure they hand you when you enter the gate--it has (graphic) photos of the bruises and bite marks people have sustained because they got too friendly with the wildlife. You can get beautiful pictures without standing right next to them. If you wanna touch a horse, go to a petting zoo. (Sorry if I'm being harsh, but it seemed like every time we saw a horse, we also saw a park ranger having to tell off a bunch of dumbos who wanted to play with it.) If you have time, be sure to stop at the visitors' center, too. They have a small gift shop with a variety of Assateague merch (including, of course, lots of Misty of Chincoteague stuff), plus a small, interactive aquarium where you can pick up horseshoe crabs and peep one of the cutest, shyest fish I've ever seen (see photo).

Trip Advisor miles of seashore
Oct 03, 2014 by: ellen l from 
A beautiful time of year for a walk on the beach. The boardwalks are handicapped accessible making it a real treat for those of us with mobility issues

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