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Trip Advisor Very unusual museum
Aug 25, 2014 by: Sherrie K from Beachwood, Ohio, United States
It was not what we expected. It is also out of the way. We didn't find it too interested although the basement has a cute machine the kids found funny.

Trip Advisor Not for everyone....
Aug 23, 2014 by: ThaiCookingRocks from Mussoorie, India
Bear in mind this is not your regular art museum. Its a museum dedicated to outsider art. Art that isn't made by the traditional artist, or those that went to art school or other more conventional methods. While you will find some artists like that shown at times typically they have some kind of twist in their story. Most of these artists are driven to create. Often its also with not traditional art materials as well. Often is assemblage of found objects. The shows change often so one day you can visit and not connect with any of it, and a bit later you can find that the whole museum talks to you. There are two other buildings then the one main building that has exhibits in it as well. When we were there in the building farthest away from the main museum they had an exhibit of various toys (for lack of a better word) that were simple wooden designs but all of them would be animated in some way. Birds would flap wings, heads would pop, fish would jump and they were ingenious little contraptions. I love museums and have been to a lot through out my life and this is a great place, but not for everyone as the title suggests, but its also always changing which is nice. My daughter has been brought to many museums through the years and she has been a good sport about it. She knows her mom and I love museums and when we travel we are bound to see a few, and she looks around, takes some of it in, and finds a place to cool her heels or heads to the gift shop. After going through the galleries she exclaimed to me this was the best museum she has ever been too! Then she went to the gift shop and she was in heaven. Its part gift shop part vintage shop part flea market. They even had a lot of free post cards from past exhibits.Gotta love free! If you have a very specific idea of what art is, this won't be your cup of tea. If you love driving by the neighbors house that it building movie scenes from automobile parts or covering his house in cellophane or creating totem poles of world leaders or something of that ilk you will love the Visionary Arts Museum.

Trip Advisor The most cutting edge museum
Aug 17, 2014 by: Aviv52 from Louisville, Kentucky, United States
This is beyond modern art-- this is an experience viewing artists who are traditional based craftsmpeople with different ideas or some so far out of the box that it is tough to wrap ones mind around it. There is no other museum like it if you are up for being stimulated and challenged.

Trip Advisor Amazing Art Museum: Your Eyes Will Thank You
Aug 13, 2014 by: Ann P from Baltimore, Maryland
My son, daughter and I visited the American Visionary Art Museum last Fall. What an amazing museum! We spent several hours visiting. We loved seeing the outside permanent art that adorns the building. Inside, there are so many different exhibits to look for. We spent several hours here and dint get to see everything. We visited all of the different buildings, too. Make sure to check to see what exhibits are going to be there.

Trip Advisor Off the wall
Aug 11, 2014 by: Steven D from Baltimore, Maryland
The Visionary Arts Museum is devoted to displaying the work of outsider art. Few of them have any art schooling and for a number of them the first thought that comes to mind is OCD, obsessive-compulsive disorder. I have seen works there carved form pencils, assembled from toothpicks or stitched from fabric. I is located within walking distance of most of the inner harbor attractions and is a fun place to visit. The gift shop is filled with a variety of items at all prices. Looking for a gag gift, it is just the place and they also carry works from some of the artists.

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