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Trip Advisor Quite intriguing
Sep 19, 2014 by: Judith S from Cleveland, Ohio
Attended the museum as a wedding guest. How fun. Beautiful site for a wedding. Loved the robots and other great exhibits. The reception was held on the third floor.

Trip Advisor Worth seeing
Sep 16, 2014 by: KF3000 from Morristown, New Jersey
There's a lot of stuff to see here, and it's worth the trip. As in any museum, you're not going to like everything, but you'll find something that catches your attention and sticks with you. For me it was an installation that included a video with Ray Kurzweil and others about the coming Singularity (when machines surpass humans in intelligence). Handy stuff. Then there was the psychotic Christmas reindeer display made from (if I'm remembering this correctly) toilet bowls and fake deer heads, all painted white. Just plain weird, but also impressive and memorable. Most impressive of all, as you walk room to room and take it all in -- the truly visionary work, the stuff you just like, and the crap (and there is some) -- you come to appreciate that this work is truly visionary. Created by regular (and likely some not-so-regular) people who have a need to create , to try and give form to and express what they imagine. It may not always be "art" in any classical sense, but it is personal vision put to paint, paper, metal, plastic, light, sound and made real.

Trip Advisor Wish I had more time!
Sep 15, 2014 by: TravelingSpangela from Portland, Oregon
We visited this museum on a bit of a time crunch. Wish we had more time to explore. This museum piqued my curiosity, made me laugh and touched my soul. Beautiful work.

Trip Advisor Very Cool!
Sep 14, 2014 by: zozo1967 from Baltimore, Maryland
I bought a Groupon to visit the American Visionary Museum when my artist sister was in town. I thought it might be fun for her. Turns out, it was fun for me too. The ambiance does not have your typical museum quiet (and yes, sometimes stuffy) feel. You’ll visit the multiple floors and see all kinds of interesting art. Some has significant meanings, like the huge bra ball, supporting women with breast cancer. Some of it is just silly, like the Pez dispenser display, but which brought back fond memories for me. There are not just multiple floors, but multiple buildings. Plan to spend a couple of hours at least.

Trip Advisor Fun place!
Sep 12, 2014 by: Susan H from Tucson
The AVAM was so unique! I enjoyed everything I saw, including the screen painting, the Pez collection, and yes, even the giant bra ball. I was a little disappointed that some areas were closed, but I realize renovations have to happen some time. The gift shop had so much to choose from, and I bought several books at a nicely discounted price!

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