Pair of ospreys on St.George Island
Pair of Ospreys - St.George Island

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In Maryland, we love our birds! From our major league baseball and football teams, the Orioles and Ravens, to the literary genius of Baltimore’s Edgar Allan Poe to wildfowl art in our museums, birds are woven into the very fabric of Maryland heritage and pride.

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Baltimore Oriole Image Credit: Hanna McBrearty USFWS - wikimedia

1 Top 12 Iconic Maryland Birds

While we care for all birds, great and small, in the Free State, we’ve selected 10 avian ambassadors that are iconic Maryland species. While this list is certainly open for debate, we don’t think any birder can argue that these 12 birds are some of our favorites to find when we’re exploring Maryland with binoculars.

man with binoculars and camera Image Credit: Audubon Baltimore Birding Weekend

2 Top 10 Maryland Birding Events

Maryland welcomes wildlife watchers and photographers from across the U.S. and around the globe to experience world-class birding in a variety of easily-accessible habitats. For travelers looking for a weekend or more of birding adventure, including internationally-acclaimed wildfowl art events, here is our Top 10 list of Maryland birding events.

Deck of Island View Waterfront Cafe Image Credit: Island View Waterfront Cafe

3 Birding Near Waterside Bars

For those of us who enjoy a craft beer, Maryland wine or tasty cocktail while watching our feathered friends, Maryland’s shorelines are also dotted with dozens of crab houses, dock bars and resorts! Some of the best birding in the state can be found from the decks of these watering holes. We encourage you to pack your binoculars and spotting scope, grab a few birding buddies, and enjoy a drink while you watch our wildlife from these lake and bayside bars! Here are 10 of our Maryland favorites.

Eagle Image Credit: Allen Sklar -

4 Plan Your Birding Experience in Maryland Now

Consider turning your trip into a real adventure by exploring one of our Scenic Byways.

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Birding Photos & Videos

Baltimore Oriole
Baltimore Oriole
Image Credit: Hanna McBrearty USFWS - wikimedia
man with binoculars and camera
Image Credit: Audubon Baltimore Birding Weekend
Image Credit: Allen Sklar -
birds at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge
Image Credit: Mitch Lebovic


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Baltimore Oriole
Top 12 Maryland Birds

More than 450 species that have been tallied statewide