Wonders of
Western Maryland


If you’re ever daydreamed about a happy place with a sparkling blue lake, mountain views and delicious ice cream—you might have been dreaming about Western Maryland. Make the dream come true with a trip out West. While you’re there, be open for outdoor adventures, art that ‘ain't hard to look at, and the ice cream...we were serious about the ice cream.


Open for Fresh Perspective

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With skiing, boating and spectacular fall colors, Western Maryland is a true four-season destination!

Watersports are popular on Deep Creek Lake in McHenry, a short drive south of the Historic National Road.
Mountain Coaster at Wisp Resort

Open For Exploration

Deep Creek Lake
Quaint Inn & Suites-Deep Creek
Clear Spring
Breezee Hill Farm Bed & Breakfast
Deep Creek Lake
Carmel Cove Inn at Deep Creek Lake
Clear Spring
Holiday Inn Express & Suites-Clear Spring
Antietam Overlook Farm Bed & Breakfast