Visitation to Maryland Increases 33.3 Percent Since 2007

State’s share of U.S. travel market rises 13 percent


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BALTIMORE (June 3, 2014) – Maryland welcomed 36.1 million domestic travelers in 2013, an increase of 2.2 percent from 2012 and an increase of 33.3 percent from 2007’s 27.2 million visitors, according to a national survey of U.S. travelers conducted by D.K. Shifflet and Associates, a leading tourism industry research firm.

Growth has occurred in all segments since 2007– in both business and leisure, as well as both day trips and overnights. Maryland has increased market share 13.3 percent since 2007, outperforming national and regional trends.

“Our state’s tourism industry is a powerful economic engine,” said Dominick E. Murray, secretary, Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development. “Tourism is a major generator of jobs, employing more than 135,000 Marylanders. The impact of visitors proves that our investments in visitor experiences and tourism marketing provide valuable returns to tourism communities across the state from Oakland to Ocean City.”

Maryland’s 33.3 percent increase – representing an additional 9 million visitors in 2013 versus 2007 – was substantially greater than the 17.2 percent increase the United States saw during this same time period.  Maryland’s increase in visitation was significantly greater than the performance of other mid-Atlantic states. In comparison to 2007 visitor volume, Maryland has realized more growth than any state in the region, both overall and in the leisure segment.

"This report underscores the success of our strategic regional promotional efforts," said Margot A. Amelia, executive director of the Maryland Office of Tourism. "We focused our tourism marketing efforts on key feeder markets beginning FY2008, and began to communicate year-round to prospective visitors. Recent image/awareness and advertising effectiveness studies ensure we promote our most motivating messages and that our purchased media generates high returns on investment.”


About D.K. Shifflet & Associates Ltd.
D.K. Shifflet & Associates, founded in 1982, is a full-service syndicated and custom market research and strategic consulting company that helps public and private entities of the travel and hospitality industry throughout North America to make intelligent marketing decisions.

Travel Volume Metrics. Travelers, for purposes of this report, are measured by person-trips.  Person-trips measure how many unique people visited a destination. Example:  If the travel party consists of four people then the trip would consist of four person-trips. This does not include multiple visits on a trip or visits to multiple destinations within a state on a trip.


About Maryland Tourism
The Maryland Office of Tourism is an agency of the Division of Tourism, Film and the Arts within the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development. Visitors to the state spent more than $14.9 billion on travel-related expenses in 2012. During 2012, the Maryland tourism industry also generated $2 billion in state and local taxes and provided 135,000 jobs to Maryland residents.