Fish & Hunt Maryland Website Launched

Research Helps Fish & Hunt Maryland Marketing Efforts Hit the Target


Sandy Maruchi-Turner,
Connie Yingling,
Leslie Cox,


Baltimore, MD (March 23, 2015) - The Sportsmen & Women’s Marketing Initiative (SMI) has launched to provide consumers with an in-depth resource for discovering Maryland’s outdoor recreational product for fishing, hunting and shooting sports.

Sportspersons of all experience levels will find information tailored to their specific interests from the well-seasoned to first-timers who are interested in outdoor activities.  The website includes information on species on land and in water, and where to find them, and on businesses that can provide expert knowledge on hunting, fishing and shooting sports.  Additionally, visitors to the site will find useful travel and regulatory information.

“This is an important step in branding Maryland as a premier place for fishing, hunting and shooting sports activities,” says Sandy Maruchi-Turner, Vice-Chair, SMI steering committee and Tourism Coordinator, Cecil County Office of Tourism. “Our research showed that once people knew about the wide variety of outdoor opportunities available in Maryland, they were more likely to travel here.”

The SMI began the development of the website after it first conducted research to determine awareness of Maryland’s outdoor product as it related to fishing, hunting and shooting sports.  The research took place from August to September 2014 and was conducted by Responsive Management, Inc., a leading research firm specializing in natural resource and outdoor recreation.   The research showed that many of those surveyed were unfamiliar with Maryland as a viable and attractive destination for fishing, hunting and shooting sports.  A high point of the research was that those who had been to Maryland to fish and hunt ranked its sporting opportunities higher than their own state.

“The research was designed to guide marketing decisions and investments in order to capture a greater share of the $90 billion Americans spend annually on hunting and fishing nationwide,” said Bill Pencek, acting Assistant Secretary, Division of Tourism, Film and the Arts.

About Fish & Hunt Maryland:
The Sportsmen & Women’s Marketing Initiative is a private/public partnership comprised of avid outdoor enthusiasts, state legislators, tourism industry members, charter boat captains and outfitters. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Fisheries Service, DNR Wildlife & Heritage, and the Maryland Office of Tourism Development act as advisors to the steering committee. The purpose of the coalition is to incubate the promotion of fishing, hunting and shooting sports through sustainable product development and marketing in order to increase the economic impact of tourism in Maryland.

About Responsive Management:
Responsive Management is an internationally recognized public opinion and attitude survey research firm specializing in natural resource and outdoor recreation issues. Over the past twenty-five years Responsive Management has conducted more than 1,000 surveys related to natural resource and outdoor recreation issues.