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Family playing with water cannons
Urban Pirates
Woman laughing on a boat
Boating on the Chesapeake Bay
Photo By: Clark Vandergrift
People riding bicycles
Biking on the Great Chesapeake Bay Loop
With such spectacular sunsets on the beach, you may miss that there's plenty to do in this town's history museums and nature parks. Photo By: Chris Williamson

1 25 Can’t-Miss Things to Do Along the Chesapeake Bay

Play, sight-see, eat, socialize, collect and explore along Maryland’s famous estuary. Use these 25 ideas for things to see and do along the Chesapeake to get you going.

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 National Oyster Shucking Championships Photo By: St Mary's County

2 Things to See and Do in Southern Maryland

In Southern Maryland, history and culture mingle on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. 

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The National Aquarium in Baltimore Photo By: Visit Baltimore

3 Things to See and Do in Central Maryland

From Annapolis—Maryland’s capital city and the Sailing Capital of the World—to the bustling metropolis of Baltimore, to the Piedmont forests and the shores of the Chesapeake Bay, the Central Region offers thriving cultural destinations, history, music and more.

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Glasses of wine with the Maryland State Flag behind Photo By: The Maryland Wineries Association

4 Things to See and Do on the Eastern Shore

Maryland’s Eastern Shore is home to spectacular sunsets, world-class seafood and produce, nature, history and so much more.

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Guitar building Photo By: Paul Reed Smith Guitars

5 Nifty off 50

U.S. Route 50 is the major east-west route of the U.S. Highway system and it starts and  cuts right through Maryland. Be sure to see the unique places and people along this iconic road.

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This world-class museum houses art from ancient Egypt through the 20th Century. Photo By: Visit Baltimore

6 Art of the Chesapeake

Discover the best galleries and arts events and learn about the unique art of Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay.

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This Chesapeake Bay beach is famous with fossil hunters looking for sharks teeth.

7 National and State Parks

Get in touch with the lives of great Americans like Harriet Tubman, Clara Barton and Thomas Stone. See historic places like Fort McHenry and the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal where the very course of history was changed. Lose yourself in one of a kind landscapes at public parks like Assateague, Sandy Point and Blackwater.

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Enjoy the hands-on exhibits and overnight programs at the lighthouse at this museum.

8 Maryland’s Maritime Museums

Maryland's maritime museums offer so much to explore.  Touch and experience the Chesapeake Bay's marine creatures up-close and discover how they live.  Explore a boat-building workshop and get an insider's look at the life of a waterman.  She how people depend upon a healthy bay.

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9 Tour Maryland’s Lighthouses

Tour these beautiful historic beacons and enjoy the surrounding nature and vistas of the Chesapeake Bay.

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Flowers at Cottage on Smith Island Photo By: Clark Vandergrift, OTD

10 Touring the Islands of Maryland

Maryland is home to hundreds of islands just waiting to be explored. Some are uninhabited or strictly nature preserves, while others are bustling with shops, restaurants and museums.

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women boating Photo By: Clark Vandergrift

11 Boating and Water Sports

Maryland's waterways are a defining feature of the Old Line State, and no visit is complete without leaving the land behind, even for just a little while. 

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travel the crab & oyster trail

12 Maryland Crab & Oyster Trail

Savor the fruits of the Chesapeake Bay on the Maryland Crab & Oyster Trail.

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Purple Wine Photo By: Romano Vineyard

13 Wine Trails Along the Great Chesapeake Bay Loop

Maryland’s distinct microclimates provide diversity and flavor to our wines. Three of the Maryland’s eight wine trails are part of the Great Chesapeake Bay Loop.

Chesapeake Wine Trail, this trail is the perfect excuse to explore the treasures of the Eastern Shore

Legacy Wine Trail,  Southern Maryland's agricultural heritage meets the new legacy of fine wine.

Patuxent Wine Trail, Southern Maryland capitalizes on its Old-World growing traditions to bring an exciting new vision to classic wine profiles.

14 Waterside Events and Festivals

Whether you want to make a splash or just watch, waterside events abound in Maryland.

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Chesapeake Bay Sunset

15 More About the Great Chesapeake Bay Loop

To help you plan your Chesapeake Bay adventure, here’s some suggestions to get the most memories per mile:

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