Storytellers: Gregory and Naijha Brown

Storytellers is an ongoing audio series where vibrant Marylanders tell their unique stories about what they do and why they choose to do it in Maryland.



Storytellers Greg and Naijha Brown - Owners of Land of Kush Restaurant
Photo By: Greg and Naijha Brown

Listen to Gregory and Naijha Brown's Maryland Story 

Gregory D. Brown

CEO and Executive Chef of The Land of Kush, VeganSoul Bistro in Baltimore, MD. Gregory is a self-educated chef. He studies the history of the African Diaspora and Kush is an ancient African civilization.  He wanted to bring ancient and natural concepts to modern day society.  He felt as though the name Kush fit and added the “The Land” to invoke a sense of community.  Baltimore is the ultimate community city; a city of neighborhoods so he wanted the restaurant to have its roots in a city of community.  He sits on the boards of the Visit Baltimore Foundation and the Black Vegetarian Society of Maryland.

Naijha Wright-Brown

Co-owner and Director of Marketing for The Land of Kush, a Vegan Soul bistro located in Baltimore, MD. Through Naijha’s strategic marketing initiatives the restaurant has experienced exponential growth within eight years of opening. She develops relationships and collaborates with local businesses, non-profit organizations, schools and churches who share in the mission of promoting dietary, ethical, or environmental veganism.

Naijha is, also, the Executive Director of the Black Veg Society of Maryland (BVSMD).  A non-profit organization whose mission is to meet people where they are on their journey towards veganism and pure vegetarianism, through holistic education.  Ms. Wright-Brown co-founded and organizes the annual Vegan Soulfest and semi-annual Maryland Vegan Restaurant Week. She has spoken and made several appearances on local television and at radio stations, schools and community events throughout Maryland and Washington, D.C.


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