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Blue Crabs Baseball
Photo By: Maryland Blue Crabs

Southern Maryland: Back the Blue Crabs

Hall of Famer and the greatest third-baseman of all time, Brooks Robinson is one of the owners, and as you’d expect from a team affiliated with The Human Vacuum Cleaner, the Blue Crabs do it right. Beautiful Regency Furniture Stadium is modeled after traditional Southern Maryland tobacco barns (of course, most tobacco barns don’t have boat lagoons in the outfield). Part of the upstart, independent Atlantic League of Professional Baseball, a Blue Crabs game is the perfect end to your Maryland beer and baseball road-trip.

Blue Crabs Lager: A contract-brewed, traditional Colorado-style, Blue Crabs Lager brings the taste of the Rockies to the ball game. Crisp and drinkable, and you can’t get Blue Crabs Lager anywhere else.

Peach Nouveau, Ruddy Duck Brewrery: In Southern Maryland, Ruddy Duck is a definite stop for beer lovers, and nothing celebrates the flavors of the region like their Peach Nouveau. A seasonal harvesting the flavor of local peaches in a brown rice-based brew, it’s a crisp, fruity, and great late-summer selection.

Shucker Stout, Mully’s Brewery: The only stout on our summer baseball and brew list, but you can’t take a Maryland baseball and brew trip without an oyster stout, and Mully’s in Southern Maryland brews a great one. Rich in chocolate malt and hints of coffee marry well with a faint sea-salt bottom-- a classic. Take a tasting tour of Mully’s, the oldest brewery in Southern Maryland.

Extra Innings— Search the Stars For Something As Cool As Maryland Beer and Baseball: The Arthur Storer Planetarium is a stone’s throw from Regency Furniture Field, and that makes it a great spot to end your beer and baseball adventure, because you’re going to need a planetarium to find a trip even half as cool as our Maryland Beer and Baseball road trip. Maybe there’s something in Alpha Centauri that comes close, but we doubt it.

Featured Places
Rudddy Duck Brewery and Grill logo
13200 Dowell Rd
Dowell, MD 20629
Mully's Brewery
141 Schooner Lane #15
Prince Frederick, MD 20678
Regency Furniture Stadium
11765 St. Linus Dr
Waldorf, MD 20602
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