Buck Showalter on How Maryland Bats 1000

When you spend 81 games a year on the road, you get to know a thing or two about traveling, which makes Buck Showalter, a three-time American league Manager of the Year and skipper of the Baltimore Orioles, a pretty good travel coach.



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Image of Buck Showalter
Ball Snatch at a Baltimore Orioles Game
Ball Snatch at a Baltimore Orioles Game by Mitch Lebovic
Photo By: Mitch Lebovic
Summer means baseball! Watch the Orioles at Camden Yards, then catch a minor league game across the state.
Oriole Park at Camden Yards

So where does Buck go on vacation?  "We stay here," said Buck.  "I love Maryland, I love Baltimore.  The people are just open, there's not a lot of airs."  And what's on Buck's big league Baltimore itinerary?  "Crab cakes," says the skipper.  "If you don't get 'em in Baltimore and Maryland, you're not trying."

For a guy who lives and breathes baseball, America's pastime is always front and center.  And with six minor league teams nesting in Maryland, there's no better place for a baseball road trip of dreams.  "We have a farm club in Aberdeen, a farm club in Frederick, a farm club in Bowie.  I've been to Delmarva a couple of times, it's a nice, easy drive," says Buck.  "It's great to see how many people turn out, and there's a real family feeling to all of our parks."

But, when it comes to baseball, you've got to make it to the show and see Buck's birds in action.  "It's the best atmosphere in baseball," says Buck.  "When people talk about Baltimore, they talk about Camden Yards," says the Skipper.  "Players love to play here, and it has a lot to do with the tenor of the fans.  They love the Orioles, they've grown up with them, and the players feel it."  

And those good vibrations don't end at the outfield fence.  "We've got more green than anybody else, that Camden Green," says Buck proudly.  "Our stadium was way ahead of its time, and the thing I love? Every year they upgrade it.  They don't let it get old."  

The biggest thrill for Buck, though, is just being a part of the Baltimore Orioles.  "I wake up every day, and I mean this, and think what an honor it is to manage the Baltimore Orioles." says Buck.  "There's a high standard that a lot of people that have excellence we want to maintain for our fans.  When we've had a good day game I put the gas pedal on about 5 mph and the city's hopping and people have orange and black on up and down the streets.  That makes my chest swell out."  

Because when it comes to Maryland and Orioles baseball, take it from a guy who's used to being at the top of the standings.  "Every place else is a distant second."

Featured Places
Oriole Park at Camden Yards
333 W Camden St
Baltimore, MD 21201

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