Story Ideas


Connie Spindler,
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Our team has put together these ideas to guide you in your Maryland story creation.

Civil War 150th Commemorations (Now-2015)

As the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War continues, discover Maryland's authentic stories through one of our five Civil War Trails driving and walking tours. These carefully mapped driving tours link together a collection of both well-known and lesser-known sites from Baltimore City throughout the Chesapeake Region, in Southern Maryland, the Capital Region and into Western Maryland.

Maryland's Underground Railroad (2016)

Heroic stories linked to Harriet Tubman are plentiful and riveting. March 10, 2013 marked the 100th anniversary of Tubman's death, but Maryland looks forward to continuing to commemorate her heroic deeds with construction of a new state park (expected completion 2016). Explore our historic landscapes with the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Byway map guide. The Underground Railroad: Maryland's Network to Freedom map guide provides a larger framework for learning about slaveholders, safe home and other self-liberators.

Maryland's Waterways

Harvest oysters firsthand. Board a waterman's vessel. Cast your line under the guidance of a charter boat captain and experience the good life on the water. Enjoy a sunset sail aboard an historic skipjack or trotline for your own crabs. There are countless ways to experience adventure in Maryland, and it all starts on the water, where visitors can take a tour, fish or sightsee Maryland's vast waterways. There are 31 miles of Atlantic Ocean coast, including Assateague Island; the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries; and 400 man-made lakes. Similarly, Maryland's Chesapeake Bay and its iconic watermen have influenced the state's history, culture and economy for years. Hook your next story by boating with a local watermen or charter operation.

Maryland Scenic Byways

Follow along one of Maryland's 18 scenic byways, and embrace the diverse landscapes filled with beauty, history and culture. Carefully mapped driving routes and themed tours take you through mountain passes once traveled by American pioneers onboard Conestoga wagons; they incorporate some of the most interesting neighborhoods bordering Washington D.C.; they wind along country toads in Southern Maryland; and they urge you to make new discoveries on the peaceful shores of the Chesapeake Bay. Take advantage of the endless activities found everywhere you go - from fishing, hiking, boating and biking to antiquing, touring a winery or seeing a show, and you're never far from incredible dining experiences.

Taste of Maryland

Indulge in Maryland's many culinary treasures. From authentic Chesapeake Bay cuisine and seafood festivals, to some of the region's best new chefs, eateries, breweries and wineries, experience our mouth-watering culinary scene. Quench your thirst at a cozy brewpub and quality microbrewery; escape to the rolling hills and picturesque vineyards along Maryland's wine trails; dip into tasty fun on Maryland's Ice Cream Trail; and tantalize your taste buds with a bite of Smith Island Cake, Maryland's official state dessert. Let Maryland charm your appetite with its unique local flavors and innovative award-winning culinary delights.