Maryland Wine Month Challenge

Visit a winery, receive a sticker, win rewards!



Mt. Felix Winery - Corks
Mt. Felix Winery - Corks
Photo By: Havre de Grace Tourism Office

Wine Month Challenge

Pick up The Maryland Wine Month Challenge card from a local winery or welcome center or download now. The card includes a list of all Maryland wineries open to the public. When you visit a winery you will receive a sticker for the challenge card (like bingo.) Send in your challenge card before April 10, 2017 to the *Maryland Wineries Association for prizes. The reward system will be posted on the Maryland Wineries Association website and will be based on the amount of stickers on your challenge card. Example: 5 stickers = a promo code for 10% off of tickets to a Maryland Wine event. 


* Maryland Wineries Association (MWA)
6247 Falls Rd
Suite G
Baltimore, MD 21209

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