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Trip Advisor Charming Old Place with really good food!
Aug 19, 2014 by: Twaynej11 from Tampa, Florida
Enjoyed the entire experience, staff was friendly and food was really good. Very diverse menu with fresh seafood with local flavor. Didn't get to see the ghost that supposedly resides there, but still had a nice evening with my wife. While eating saw a deer walking around in the woods just across the street at the entrance to the George Washington Monument.

Trip Advisor Go with the menu, not the brunch
Jul 14, 2014 by: MarylandCatmom from Maryland
My husband and I recently had the Sunday brunch at OSMI and were disappointed. The salad "toppings" numbered about six or so and there were several dressings. Everything on the salad bar was fresh. The eggs were also flavorful. My husband felt that the meatloaf was dry. I do not eat red meat so was pretty well shut-out when it came to any animal protein. A fish and/or chicken would have been appreciated but there was only beef (sliced and the meatloaf) and sausage, which I assume was pork, although I admit that I did not ask and there were no signs indicating what things were. The first vegetable offering was broccoli in a heavy cheese sauce. I wish I had waited because that was replaced with steamed vegetables. We have ordered from the menu and enjoyed the food, so that is your better bet when dining here. We were also charged per soda consumed, which is increasingly not the industry standard, so that upped the price.

Trip Advisor Very nice evening.
Jul 12, 2014 by: Wvrhia from 
Very good anniversary dinner. Nice, quiet atmosphere. Haven't been here in a couple of years, but still very good food at reasonable cost.

Trip Advisor Sad
Jun 25, 2014 by: ridetbred9393 from Sharpsburg, Maryland
The South Mountain Inn used to be first up when it came to special occasions, but it's fading softly into dusty mediocrity. The restaurant is still very beautiful, and our server was top-notch, truly a fine dining professional in the old-school style. But even he wasn't enough to pull the Inn up to the standards it used to keep. No other dining room employee, from the sluttily-dressed hostess to the clearly untrained bus-kids should have been allowed in anything above a Bob Evans. The water glasses didn't match, the soda glasses had beer ads on them, and worst of all, the dining room had a surprisingly large quotient of casually-dressed diners- and I mean shorts, flip flops and hiking boots, despite the signs indicating that proper attire is required- and really loud drunk people. One can't always avoid loud obnoxious fellow diners, but when one dresses up and goes out for a special occasion, one does hope that the management will make some sort of effort to keep the ambience gracious and elegant. The food wasn't awful. In fact, the snails were really good. But my mother-in-law's veal was tough, my shrimp was indifferent, and my husband's trout was very very fishy and bony. The last straw for this me was the description of the Inn on the last page of the menu, which is rife with grammatical errors and apostraphe abuse. From now on if I'm going to spend fine dining money, I'm going to go somewhere that offers actual fine dining.

Trip Advisor Special Out of the Way Place
Jun 17, 2014 by: Chuck G from Silver Spring, Maryland
A great restaurant off the beaten path (literally off the Appalachian Trail and MD Alt.40), well worth the trip. An array of entrees and appetizers, all prepared and served well. The second floor is a must for Civil War buffs. Reservations are recommended. Perfect for a special occasion.

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