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Trip Advisor A Special Evening With Distant family
Mar 22, 2015 by: 2015Destiny from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
Looking for a nice restaurant where we would be able to take our time catching up with distant family, Old South Mountain Inn was the perfect spot. What I consider to be a fine dining establishment, the ambiance was warming and delightful. Our waiter was top notch, always there when we needed something and never pushing the check until we asked for it. The food presentation was excellent and everyone said that their meal was outstanding. Although a bit pricey for an everyday restaurant, we will definitely return again.

Trip Advisor awesone filet mignon
Mar 19, 2015 by: Philo B from Washington DC, District of Columbia
Perfectly seasoned and cooked accompanied by well made Caesar salad and delicious lobster bisque as appetizer ...great location and view in the sunroom. The food is the best it's ever been...been coming here for 35 years Manager is much nicer than previous one

Trip Advisor Sunday Brunch Buffet
Mar 08, 2015 by: The_Traveler_From_Pa from Pennsylvania, USA
This is a review of the Sunday buffet. I'm being specific about this because the quality of buffets can be different from prepared items as when dining. I discovered the place by accident and was so impressed with the historic area, the beauty of the inn, location and then the on-line photos and menu, that we went for the Sunday buffet to give the place a try. The interior is beautiful and rustic, although the entrance has a biker bar look to it and should be renovated and repaired. The newer addition to the Inn is absolutely beautiful. Look at the pics on-line. It's easy to see why they have a lot of weddings there. They do need to pay more attention to the back of the outdoor area though. There's junk and areas of the main building that need to be repaired/painted that you see while seated in the beautiful greenhouse like addition. The table setting were nice with nice touches like linens, etc. The staff was friendly, particularly the waitress. Unfortunately I've forgotten her name. The buffet itself is nothing special and more limited than most brunch buffets. Very noticeable was the lack of an omelet station. Another very noticeable issue was how cool the Inn was, that they stacked cold plates on a table, which turned ice cold sitting in the cool air, so everything that hit the plates was instantly cooled. They really need a plate warmer. Then came the real issues. The limited buffet was also cold. They did not use enough heaters under the food trays and the lights over the carving station were totally useless. This resulted in almost everything being cold. The sausage gravy and the carving station beef were so cold they were almost at refrigerator temperature. The carving station was a disaster. The meat was done appropriately, a nice medium rare, but ice cold, then to top it off, the person assigned to the carving station was missing and they had to track her down, which took a while. Then, their answer to the cold meet was to take the slices back and heat them individually making the meet very well done. To make matters even worse, they had no covers on the food trays, so not only was there not enough heat being applied through the use of Sterno cans, but the food was being allowed to get cold with the cool air temps and allowed to dry out. The broccoli in sauce had a dry crust on it. The only food that was warm that was suppose to be warm was the broccoli and sausage. I have to question the safety of serving food like this and the possibility of bacteria growth due to extended low improper temps. I would strongly recommend not going for the brunch buffet, at $18 pp for the buffet it was pitiful, actually if they were giving the food away, it was pitiful.

Trip Advisor Love their breakfast buffet!
Mar 04, 2015 by: McGee2015 from Boonsboro, Maryland
Their brunch food is top of the line. Meals have always been good, sometimes too rich, but good. Staff have been attentive and nice. Love the atmosphere! Sits along the AP trail, they actually share a parking lot.

Trip Advisor South Mountain Inn
Feb 18, 2015 by: Eric G from Frederick, Maryland
We've eaten here many times and were only disappointed once. I had the buffalo steak and although it is expensive it was incredible. It was impeccably prepared in a delicious sauce. The waiter was Manhattan-quality; eager to please and attentive without being obnoxious. I had a Bailey's liqueur coffee for dessert which was warm and wonderful. There were four in our party and everyone was raved about their dishes -- no disappointments. The atmosphere is toned down without being snooty. I highly recommend this restaurant.

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