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Trip Advisor Great location, beautiful building, owner/manager mostly absent
Jun 22, 2014 by: zahav from Washington, Virginia
We had similar problems as stated by previous reviewers. Beautiful house, gorgeous room, great location. The owner/manager seems to be absent, breakfast not so great but plentiful, room cleaned very late in the day, like at 4 pm, no one watching the house, we walked in one night late and door was unlocked and no one downstairs, kind of spooky. Reservations was also confirmed after a few phone calls and emails. The owner/manager needs to put more time into this B&B.

Trip Advisor Disappointing drop in its previous service
Jun 19, 2014 by: Marie C from Washington DC, District of Columbia
We have been to the Blue Heron a few times and this year the service wasn't what we expected on our last visit. I couldn't get Regan, the manager, to call me back and had to email or call 4 or 5 times to get a reservation. If we hadn't had such a great experience in years past, I would have given up. We realized at dinner time that the restaurant was closed for a private party and just closed completely the next night so we couldn't eat there this time. I would have expected staff to tell us in advance rather than us finding out at dinner time both nights. Our room was never cleaned or serviced and I had to go find toilet paper in a supply closet. We did get breakfast but it wasn't good and certainly wasn't the amazing meal we had on out previous visits. Most of the time you come in and the place is just empty and there is no staff to be found. I like the rooms, giant balcony, view, and location. It is a beautiful property and the rooms are pretty and clean upon arrival but the rates are too high for this type of service. I'll stay there again (maybe not right away) and hope it gets back to the standard that it was before.

Trip Advisor Very disappointed!!!
May 06, 2014 by: MarylandTraveler111 from Fruitland, Maryland
We made reservations well ahead in advance to go to the Blue Heron Inn, which we had visited twice before. A few weeks after we made the reservation, the owner/manager called and said that there was a "miscommunication in the scheduling" and that she'd "accidentally" scheduled a wedding the weekend we had scheduled, but that part of our party could still rent the studio apartment, which we accepted. Then today, a week before our trip to Solomon's, we got an email stating that the guest who had reserved the apartment had a "family emergency" and she was sorry that she had to cancel our reservation. Solomon's Island is a beautiful location, with some great restaurants, but the Blue Heron Inn ended up being a very disappointing experience. We will frequent the other B&B's in Solomon's Island from now on!

Trip Advisor I don't recommend this B and B
Mar 23, 2014 by: ElizabethTraveler123 from Washington DC, District of Columbia
The owners' energy is all on their restaurant, which totally takes over the first floor of the house. It felt as though the bedrooms were really just a sideline. The restaurant is very noisy, including the jazz music on speakers that come through very loudly in the bedrooms above the restaurant. I believe that the restaurant is open on weekends only, so I would recommend staying here only when the restaurant is not open.

Trip Advisor Excellent hosts
Aug 05, 2013 by: Weezulman from Salisbury, Maryland
We stayed in the suite with some friends of ours on the pullout, the hosts were wonderful, property is very nice. Everything in town is in short walking distance to here as well, enjoyed exploring the area.

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