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Trip Advisor Good location, below average B&B
Apr 14, 2014 by: ChooChoo4427 from NY
I picked this hotel because it was 3 blocks from the Amtrak train station. It's right next to the University of Baltimore and the second closest hotel to Johns Hopkins University (about a 5 min cab ride away -- or you can take the JHMI shuttle from Penn Station). Abacrombie has free parking next to the building. It's also very convenient if you don't have a car. If you're on a budget and not expecting perfection, this is a perfectly suitable BnB. The owner does a very good job of cleaning the public areas and the rooms, but the building is clearly showing its age. My room was musty smelling, the lower sheet of the bed was rough, the window sills had peeling paint, and the fit & finish of the bathroom was below average. The bed itself and the pillows were very comfortable. The breakfast was pretty basic. Bagels, english muffins, and small, individually wrapped pastries, bananas, cold & hot cereal, coffee, water & juice. It didn't bother me at all that I wasn't greeted when I arrived. Picking up the key was very easy. And I spotted the wifi code on the wall (I guess it would be easy to put a copy of the WiFi instructions in the envelope with the key though). With a huge upgrade in the building & rooms (new windows, central heat & air, new bathrooms) this BnB would be a great stay (and probably cost 2.5 the price). As a quick, convenient place to stay near UB and/or JHU, I think I prefer the lower cost.

Trip Advisor BEWARE Nightmare in Baltimore!!
Apr 03, 2014 by: Dawna B from Fort Washington, Maryland
I reserved the room because of the thought bed and breakfast it would be swanky and nice for my birthday weekend/valentines day. Oh Dear i was in for a rude awakening, when arriving there is no one there to greet you the keys are left downstairs with your name on them, get to the room and the nightmare began. the toliet would not flush no water in tank I tried to call the hotel number provided several times no answer the tub was dirty the wash rags were very hard seem used and the only heat was a space heater I was horrified, looked in the closet there were old paint cans and dust everywhere, again called no answer the food in the kitchen consists of old stale cookies and rotten bananas, I left with no refund there was no way I could stay with a broken toilet..Please stay away from this dump. The comforter was dirty and had holes in it. They book you and they never answer your calls again and there is a strict NO REFUND policy I had to leave and go to another hotel with again no refund no call back, this place is a rip off hole in the wall...This is a Hell hole..BEWARE!!! RUN..

Trip Advisor Seen how they were and really seemed to improved.
Feb 11, 2014 by: Zach S from Missoula, Montana
As a fan of Hotel Impossible, how could I not stay? Knew exactly what to look for as well. Only issue was the filter on the air con; had to clean it, big deal. Paid for a twin bed and they gave me a neat African hunter theme room in corner with a queen size. Come on, that's proper service. Even spent time looking at the great pictures on the wall. Slept for about 10 hours very comfortably after a long day of flying. The products in the bathroom were the best I have seen in any place I've stayed. Cold bottle of water waiting for me was a nice touch on hot day. The owner was very nice and helped me get in over the phone when I got there even though she explained everything to me in a voice mail I didn't think to check. Never stayed at an Inn before and this was definitely a good experience. Did take me a while to find the wi-fi code. It was on the wall in the lobby, would rather it be in the room. Oh well. Also, highly recommend the restaurant literally 5 yards away around the corner. The food was excellent and RJ at the bar is a really good guy.

Trip Advisor old and unkempt
Dec 17, 2013 by: MihaelaSa from 
No old charm, nor nostalgic past… Just an unkempt, cheap joint. Apparently, this hotel was good in a remote past; not anymore. The place needs major refurbishing. I am amazed they are still functioning. I guess people coming to MICA or UB need a place just across the street. I spent one night in this place, but I could not see myself spending a second night in this dirty creepy place. I booked a real hotel about a mile away and walked to the campus. If I knew ahead of time how this hotel looks like, I would have found something else in the area, probably at a similar price.

Trip Advisor Seriously, these people are not over exaggerating, DO NOT STAY HERE!
Oct 14, 2013 by: Sarigari from Minneapolis, Minnesota
I knew this place wouldn't be great from reading the reviews but I also had the notion that people who review hotels were generally on the picky side with a tendency to make mountains out of molehills. For this I paid the price. The price of enduring itchy sheets, tiny rough towels, half a roll of toilet paper which was never replenished(until I bought my own from the grocery), a tiny fan as air conditioning, in and out wifi and absolutely nonexistent customer service. Also all electronics would be mysteriously unplugged every time I returned from an outing, which gave me a creepy big brother feeling. It is confounding to think these people make money in the hospitality industry. Do not stay here!

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