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Trip Advisor Not up to par for an ALOFT hotel
Oct 23, 2014 by: nanonthego from Fort Worth
I am not one to write a review typically but I read them a lot when searching hotels. When planning this trip I chose to stay at an ALOFT hotel because we have grown to love the comfortable feeling we get when staying in them. I will look further than the name next time as they are not all the same. When we arrived last night it was just as we expected. Very warm, friendly and professional greeting with an intro to the amenities offered here. We went up to our room and everything was as expected there as well. Things went south from there. One of the things we love about staying at Alofts is the wxyz bar/lounge area. We made our way down to have a drink. When we set down we noticed the bar top was still sticky and dirty from previous guests. The bartenders personal belongings were laying to the side of the bar with what appeared to be condiments from his dinner. We asked for a michelob ultra and we were told they were all out. Our second choice was budweiser. We had one of those but we noticed on the first drink that it was old beer. Todays date is October 23 and the date on the bottle said July. Oh well...still minor issues. The next issue was when we went to request a second round and the bartender was nowhere to be found. He apparently went to make food for other guests but failed to let others know that he would be gone. Meanwhile, the girls at the front desk were coming over to get beers for guests paying at the front counter. These kind of issues continued throughout the night. I began to think that all of issues must be centered around the bar area until I noticed other issues around the hotel that lead me to believe that it may be management issues overall. The other reason we enjoy these hotels is the technology based environment. Prior to going to the bar I was having a difficult time with my laptop in my room connecting. I decided to finish up my work down stairs on the hotel computer. It appears that they have failed to contact their server per the instruction on the screen. Not computer available downstairs except for the tablet for checking in at the airport. I know that these are not vital hotel issues but it has made me think twice about staying at this chain again. I will read the reviews next time no mater what the name of the hotel is. I will not be staying at this location again.

Trip Advisor Awesome Shuttle Service, Very Modern Hotel
Oct 20, 2014 by: sshouse17 from Denver, Colorado
I thought this hotel was gorgeous and the free shuttle service to and from the airport and all around within a few miles radius of the hotel is amazing. All of the shuttle drivers we super welcoming and talk-a-tive and helped me navigate myself around town. Maurice was superb and the driver I had most of the time. You could tell he absolutely loved his job and I loved chatting with him! The hotel itself is very modern and hip. The lobby and rooms are really great, bed was comfy and the front desk people were super helpful with restaurant recommendations, and holding my bag when I was no longer checked in. They also have free WiFi everywhere in the hotel which was super helpful! The only reason I didn't give this hotel 5 stars is because my room smelled a little due to the cleaner not being fully cleaned up in the bathroom. It smelled like stinky feet. That wasn't cool. Also, I wish you could have manually adjusted the room temp in your room. Besides that though, the place was awesome! I'd definitely come back!

Trip Advisor Glad I tried Aloft
Oct 14, 2014 by: pauli B from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
I have been interested in trying the Aloft chain, and this past week had the opportunity. We were flying out of Baltimore in the morning, so spent the night before at Aloft. Very convenient location, offered a package that included parking for free, so we saved money too! The room (2 doubles) was spacious, quiet, good temperature control, bathroom was nice, everything was clean. Staff was friendly and the other guests in the lobby bar were nice and respectful (no issues with anyone when we 2 ladies were having a drink in the lobby bar). The only negative was the shuttle pick up to return from the airport took longer than usual. Likely due to unexpected traffic in the area, but it was annoying (though staff tried to be helpful). I would stay there again, for sure.

Trip Advisor Aloft is a different hotel experience
Oct 07, 2014 by: oc pat from Ocean City, Md.
Okay, I should let you know that I thought this was the Aloft by the Casino. It's about 15 minutes from the casino. I talked to locals and they didn't realize there was 2 Alofts. So check to make sure you got the right one. The room is small and strangely shape. You walk in and the sink is on the left then the toilet and shower. There's a closet that is open and limited in space. There are no dresser drawers, just shelves. The room is clean and compact. Just not our cup of tea. It did have a safe that we couldn't open. There were 2 lights out and were fixed immediately upon notice. I could hear activity in the hall and the opening and closing of doors but it wasn't too disruptive. It took me a day to figure how to turn the air on. The is a light type switch by the system that you click on that turns on the thermostat which is located on the other side of the room. What a pain in the neck. What impressed me the most was the honesty of our maid. I dropped my diamond necklace on the floor which is very valuable. When we returned to the room the maid gave it to my husband. The lobby had tea and coffee but we had to request tea bags both mornings. If you are young and like modern stylish rooms this may be for you but this old gal likes the more traditional rooms.

Trip Advisor Hip and affordable
Oct 05, 2014 by: GoodDesignIndy from Indianapolis, Indiana
This was my first stay at an aloft property. I chose it because of its proximity to the airport and its affordability. Staff were quick to greet with a smile and I was given a $20 credit toward food and drinks (usable at their "wxyz" bar) for no good reason. The food was limited, but decent. The beer selection needed help. My room was clean and well-decorated. The back of the shower was a frosted glass panel that faced the bedroom, so aloft might not be a great choice when traveling with kids. The through-wall A/C unit did not seem to work at first, but I found that a nearby unmarked light switch turned it on and off. My broker picked me up at the airport and I planned to use the hotel's free shuttle the next morning, so I didn't have a rental car. When I tried to order in, the desk informed me that they had no room service. I was too tired to socialize in the bar, but I was forced to get dressed, grab some portable food and run it back to the room. Other than that, it was quite a pleasant stay.

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