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Trip Advisor Super busy business hotel
Mar 04, 2015 by: kellim0896 from Cinnaminson, New Jersey
This is a very large Marriott located on the North end of Bethesda closer to Rockville, right across the street from the White Flint Metro stop. The hotel is a conference center, with a pool, large fitness facility, conference facilities and on-site restaurant (Meritage) and is also within walking distance to tons of other restaurants and coffee spots (Dunkin donuts and Starbucks to name just two), and a Whole foods grocery a half mile away. The guest services department is outstanding, but when large groups are checking in they seemed a bit overwhelmed. The rooms are standard Marriott - efficient with a desk, seating area and a refrigerator and in room coffee. The wifi here will cost you at $12.95 per day UNLESS you are an platinum or gold elite member OR you book your room directly through Marriott or If you need internet I would suggest booking through them. Parking is $15.95 per day and they will charge EVERY guest for parking even if you don't have a car and tell them that, you still get charged, so check your bill when you check out and they will make the adjustment at that point. This has happened both times at this property so I am thinking it is a standing policy, maybe hoping guests won't notice the charge on their bill. My only complaint about this property is that the tiles in the shower were not clean, room 631 had a nice black corner of the shower that has apparently not been introduced to Tilex or Scrubbing Bubbles. And the TV was jacked up - when turning it on with the remote there were not channels on the reception but turning on the TV directly on the unit then using the remote seemed to do the trick. I told the front desk and the girl responded that is just the way it is. Whatever, I had to have engineering come and show me how to make it work. Overall, I probably would not stay here again and would try the Hilton up the road next time so I can compare.

Trip Advisor Great for Business or Pleasure.....Needs some tweaking to handle Conventions.
Mar 04, 2015 by: allthewrightstuff from Baltimore, Maryland
We stayed at the Bethesda North Marriott recently for a large dance competition/convention. I am not sure where the breakdown occurred, but from the start, things were flawed. The hotel "sold out" of the promo rate rooms way too fast. Half of our group had to stay at an "overflow" hotel. This was sad, because we love to stay together in the same hotel where the event is taking place. This has never happened to us while staying at a hotel for a dance convention. I must say however, that the rooms were clean, and every staff person I encountered was very friendly, professional and accommodating under the seemingly over-crowded and under-equipped situation. There were people everywhere, and lines everywhere (even for the treadmills in the gym!), which just created a less than relaxing situation. But again, the staff did an excellent job providing quality service to me under the circumstances. I especially appreciated the man on the housekeeping staff on the 4th floor (sorry, I forgot his name, but he was great!), and the doorman who referred me to Ize's Deli, which was a very short walk around the corner from the hotel, past the metro stop. I knew that deli was a great find, when it was flooded with locals all weekend. The sandwiches were awesome. You may not get a table, but just carryout your food then. LOVE that place for breakfast and lunch!!

Trip Advisor Not prepared for large groups!!!
Mar 03, 2015 by: vkp415 from Richmond, Virginia
I don't know where to begin here! We were at the hotel this past weekend for a large dance competition. Here are some highlights of the horrible experience that myself and my friends went through. * Friday night, we went to the restaurant for dinner that was ill prepared for the volume and short staffed. It took 45 minutes to get food ordered off the menu, and much of the food orders were wrong. It took another hour to get a check. We were there for 2.5 hours for a meal that should have taken 45 minutes, as half of us got the buffet. * A friend ordered room service Friday night to arrive Saturday morning. It never came, so her daughter and niece had to go to dance class starving. When she went to complain, she was told that the hotel did not realize the volume of customers, and therefore were not prepared. No apology was given * There was confusion whether or not outside food was allowed on the premises, we were kicked out of the lobby for eating chipotle, even though the only people staying in the hotel were part of the convention and were all doing the same thing. * Many people that stayed, did not get double beds as requested. And when they asked for rollaway beds, were told that the hotel does not provide them, and they had blankets so they could sleep on the floor. No apologies or discounts for inconvenience * Sunday at lunch, my friend tried to order a cocktail and was told that she could not. The bar was too busy, and only wine and beer was available. I had walked by the bar, and although they had large group of customers it was not even close to full. Not acceptable * The starbucks counter provided unbelievably slow service, and were missing some of the menu items all weekend. Most of the day, the line would be at least 30 minutes long. This is not just at peak times, this is all day. * I could go on and on. But, this completely sums it up. The experience for everyone attending the convention was so terrible, that at the closing ceremony, the Director of the Dance Convention announced that they would be in the area next year for the convention, but definitely NOT at this hotel. The whole room cheered and clapped. There were probably several thousand people in the room!!! If you are staying here for casual travel, I am sure it would be fine. But this hotel has no business being attached to a convention center, as they are not prepared to handle large volumes of customers at all.

Trip Advisor It was fine
Mar 02, 2015 by: Barbie S from Stafford, Virginia
We were there for a large dance conference. The rooms were good, the hotel was clean, the conference rooms were good, but there were some things that were just missed. For example, they closed room service early because they were busy. I get they were busy, but it's a conference center...that should be expected. So they directed us to the bar...which was actually the same kitchen as the room service. They ran out of lettuce wedges which we had ordered. No big deal, just come tell us. But it took 30 minutes to realize they were out of wedges, and then we watched 3 people (a server, a manager and then finally the chef) come out talk about it, but never actually ask us if there was something different we might want. We finally asked them what the issue may be and they told us. It was no big deal that they made into a big deal. We just wanted a salad, so we ordered a different salad. The coffee shop always took a long time to be able to order, and most of the items were self just had to get to the counter to be able to order it and get the cups. I think just having an extra person or two on staff would have eased this. There were much worse experiences that other people from our group had (they tried to give a family of 5 who had reservations for over 6 months a room with only a king bed because they have their room away, others that it took 30 minutes to have a server come to them and then 45 to get the drinks they ordered.) things that for a hotel that is a conference center just seemed I be missed. The conference we were attended publicly announced they would not be back to this particular my guess is there were more issues.

Trip Advisor Good but lacking capacity
Feb 28, 2015 by: Mark H from Wynnewood, PA
We arrived for just one night to attend a large competition at the conference center. There were a few hundred people involved in this event. This was also President's Day weekend, Valentine's Day weekend and there were two weddings during the days we were there. When we arrive do check in there was a small line of people waiting. All the front desk stations were manned and they tried getting through everyone quick enough. What bothered me though was the agent helping us didn't even look at my reservation. He asked if we wanted a one king bed and I said yes, as that's what I reserved. He looked around for some time and eventually came back saying only the larger corner rooms were available with a king bed and that it would be an extra charge. This was actually the room we had booked. What would he have given us if the normal rooms with one king weren't full? It worked itself out, but that was not reassuring. Our room was clean and comfortable. The next night the shower and everything worked well. The room also benefited from being in the corner and was very quiet. We actually slept very well for the next day's events. The main problems again came from what I believe is poor planning. We didn't feel like going out in the snow, so we headed downstairs to grab some dinner. We had things we wanted to get done soon so we chose to sit at the bar, assuming this would be quicker. After placing our order and waiting well over an hour, we just paid for our one drink each and left. I ended up going out to pick us up something quick much later. The next morning I called to get some breakfast. The man on the line said the food would be up in "45 minutes or less." I called after about 80 minutes and the lady said they were really backed up and it would be up shortly. It was up about 10 minutes later. If it was that backed up, I assume either I would have beaten the rush or the man on the phone would have known about the rush. There was some extra toast and a juice missing, which wasn't a big deal on its own, but just added to it. At check out I mentioned the food issues and they removed 50% of the breakfast, which was all that was on the room bill since I paid cash for the time at the bar. This was a decent gesture at least. Overall the hotel has a pretty decent hard product for a normal Marriott hotel. It's really tough to beat being at the site of an event you're attending as well. I'd probably still come back next time, but just would avoid getting food unless we really had all the time in the world. Hopefully they plan their staffing needs a little better when they are going to be fully booked next time.

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