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Trip Advisor First stay at Bethesda Marriott
Feb 25, 2015 by: Sam V from Shepherdstown, West Virginia
This was our family's first trip to the Bethesda Marriott - we were in town for our first NBA game for our son's birthday. The hotel staff was very welcoming and friendly. Upon arrival our check-in was a piece of cake and we were given access to our room before check-in time. We were offered a cart for our luggage. Our room was very attractive, and modern with the new upgrades. The new room comes with a 50"+ TV, wood floors, very comfortable beds, beautiful granite countertop in bathroom. The "desk" under the tv extended out which was very convenient since my daughter could sit and color - chair for "desk" very comfortable. We did call the front desk to have our heat looked at (the weather was sub-freezing actual temps) and the maintenance staff was quick to respond and fixed the issue within minutes. We enjoyed dinner at the Agio restaurant within the hotel - food and service excellent from the host to the server. I recommend the Marriott Burger - incredible - and also the brownies for dessert - delicious. Access to and from metro very easy. Would most definitely stay again. Staff very friendly, helpful, and accommodating.

Trip Advisor Stopped during the snow storm
Feb 22, 2015 by: weekendwonder1 from washington dc
Saturday afternoon I was caught in the major snow storm in Washington D.C. This was thr closest place to stop after 5 hours in traffic and only going 20 miles. The rate was what I expected. And front desk gave me a room on the 7th floor. She said they were recently renovated. Rooms were great looking by not functional. No work area. No chair to sit in and shower was not as high as normal. I could not stand under it. ( I am 6 ft) . Wood floors are a nice touch. Carpet has outlived it usefullness. Hotel may want to rethink the work areas in the rooms!!

Trip Advisor New room design is a disaster for business travelers
Feb 20, 2015 by: CHP128 from Denver, Colorado, United States
Marriott has recently embarked on a chain wide renovation of their rooms, aimed at giving them a more up to date flair to appeal to a younger demographic. The Bethesda Marriott is one of the first to undergo this transformation and I recently stayed in one of the new rooms. The room is very attractive and, if you are a 14 year old that wants to hang out watching tv or playing video games, it works. However, if you are a business traveler it is a disaster. First, the only place to sit is either on the bed or on a sofa like structure that is build into the wall. If you sit on the sofa it is designed so you sit with your feet out in front of you. If you try to sit sideways on the sofa with your feet on the floor your back does not reach the wall so you have no back support. There is no desk or chair. For a work space they provide a tray reminiscent of a tray table for a TV dinner. It is about that size so once you park your lap top on it thee is no room for anything else. The woman who delivered my room service dinner was as confused as I was with where to put the tray, and I had to eat with my food on my lap. I have no idea how two people would use the room. Suffice to say the electric plugs are in some useless places, there are only two small drawers, etc. I believe at the time of my stay they had on,y converted two floors but had already received so much negative feedback that the manager was trying to buy some desks and chairs for a few rooms. Not sure how this helps other locations or how you would make sure you get one of those rooms. I have been a Marriott platinum member for over 20 years so I am writing this with the hope that someone at Marriott corporate will wake and not destroy their brand. If this goes forward without modifications I will have to switch to hilton, which is awkward as they lack sufficient properties to select form, which results in excessive driving. The other Marriott brands will not work as they do not provide food at lunch or dinner (I do not consider a burger at the courtyard to be dinner). So, Marriott, please save yourself before it is too late!

Trip Advisor New Is Not Better
Feb 19, 2015 by: Garland C from Dublin VA
My wife and I got one of the new rooms, 1234. Spent 2 nights. Three elevators service the floors. We found our room, learned how to swipe the new key. The door swung right, Immediately left is a light switch and a skinny closet with an ironing board, iron and hair dryer. Then an open closet with a peg and rod with sliding hangers. Then the coffee/tea service. Past the open door on the right is the bathroom. Its door slides from the left, moves easily on rollers. Is not hinged. Inside the bathroom, immediately right, the hinged glass door opens into the floor-level step-in tub-length shower with a fixed glass panel to finish the enclosure. Shower control is behind the glass door, available to use once inside the shower. The shower head and drain is opposite. The commode is opposite the door, facing it. On the left is a counter with sink centered and full width mirror on the wall. Under it is a panel under which and toward the back wall, aligning with the front of the toilet tank, is the toilet paper hanger, hard to reach from the toilet seat and hard for the maid to change. A better spot would be more aligned with the front of the toilet bowl and recessed into the panel under the sink, barely under the countertop. There is a peg on the back wall, but it needs another one or two, perhaps on the fixed glass enclosure, to hang things you don't want to lay on the floor. The bathroom is small, probably occupying an area 7 feet by 7 feet, too small for two unless one is in the shower and the other will be out before the other exits the shower. Past the bathroom, along the wall enclosing the bathroom, is a bench about 3 feet wide with an upholstered cushion and two pillows, one against the bathroom wall, the other against the room wall. between it and the bed was a moveable "desk" suitable for a laptop or other use. Next was the kingsize bed with wall-mounted black headboard, lamps, usb, ethernet and electric outlets and black rocker switches over a small shelf at each end. On the bed were 4 long pillows. The wall opposite the door was completely glass windows with draw curtains and room-darkening drapes. There was no carpet anywhere. The floor was ceramic tile in the bathroom, and a wood flooring elsewhere. Now for the wall opposite the bed. On it, exactly aligned with the bed was a huge wide black frame surrounding the 60 inch LCD TV, with a black rocker switch for a night light under the frame we thought was too bright. (We left the bathroom light on and slid the bathroom door almost closed.) The black rocker switches were hard to find, you really had to look for them! At home, we have DirecTV. We can access a Guide to choose what we want to see. There was a small card listing their channels, but we had to tune to every channel to see what was on. It was very wasteful of viewing time and annoying! And there was nary a chair! We had to pile the pillows against the headboard and sit on the bed to watch TV! Not very comfortable! The only overhead light was near the bathroom and room door. No pictures. The AC/Heat was fine. I think we made an adjustment to suit us. The room was functionable, but not cozy and comfortable. The entire room was small, figured price per square foot, was expensive. I agree with blondechickma's review. This New Is Not Better.

Trip Advisor Few nights
Feb 17, 2015 by: travell_a_lot from Southern England
Stayed here when on business not expecting much as located away from services, shops or places of interest. Has half hourly shuttle bus to NIH and Metro, bit erratic on timing but free. Hotel has been very recently refurbished, so new smell of paint and adhesive and bits in corridor everywhere. My room on 3rd floor was surrounded either side and across corridor to rooms being refurbished cold draughts, more paint and glue, drilling and workmanlike noises from early to day end. They the workmen apologised, but reception staff unapologetic and indifferent. I wont stay here again.

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