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Trip Advisor Nasty stinky Inn
Aug 26, 2014 by: agatha b from 
First, when I checked myself in my room, I thought that I've thrown myself into time machine. All of the furniture and interior design was so vintage and still in not that bad condition. But the stinky mold smell from the room quickly wakes me up that this inn is horrible. Well, it surely doesn't stop there. As soon as I let my foot out of my shoes, my toes can feel the dirtinest of the carpet. Yuck!! Second, my eyes were almost popped out when I entered the bathroom. I found yellowish white towels hanging next to the door. Really?? I mean, I don't mine the missing tiles on bathroom vintage floor. But yellowish white towels..?? To make it even worse, the bath tub has cracks(!!!). That bath tub color were white around 50 years ago but it has become nasty yellow like the nastiest yellow teeth you've ever seen. Its companion, the shower curtain, certainly has been aging too, as its compete with bathtub in terms of color. My whole stay in this inn is totally nightmare as I developed sudden itchiness throughout the night. Take my advice, PLEASE STAY IN THIS INN if you want to waste your money and possibly develop meningitis from that stinky mold smell.

Aug 25, 2014 by: StowKaren from Stow, Ohio
I mistakenly booked this for my daughter and husband and return trip for overnight. I figured since it was part of a chain it should be OK. WRONG-O!!! They were afraid someone was going to break in thru the window. It was in the middle of nowhere and smelled and was dirty. They were only there for about 8 hours. The Indian owners couldn't even issue them a key to their room. This is the definition of NO TELL MOTEL. Do not take this place even for cheap. VERY DISGUSTING!! An experience NOT to be relived!!! They wanted to leave but desperately need some sleep for a safe drive home.

Trip Advisor Best inexpensive lodging in town
Aug 19, 2014 by: rogerft from Washington DC
Family that owns the place was very sweet and accommodating. I've come to this place for many years, and the current owner has begun to make improvements. Very comfy bed, clean room and new carpet. Breakfast is simple, but you also have coffee, microwave, and nice fridge in the room. Don't know what other rooms were like, but we stayed in 109 and it was very nice. If you are looking for a 'new style' Motel 6 kind of cookie cutter room - you may not appreciate the old-fashioned knotty pine walls. But we loved it ! Less than 10 minutes from Berkeley Springs.

Trip Advisor Good Value, limited amenities.
Aug 05, 2014 by: Linda L from Montvale
A fairly quiet property with low priced rooms. We had a Queen bed and there was lots of room for the bed, two chairs, a desk and desk chair. Might be a bit tight with two beds in the room. Refrigerator worked well; didn't use the microwave. One SMALL shampoo, no conditioner. The room is a good value if all you need is a clean place to sleep and shower. Registration is a small walkway and a few steps so sent my significant other to register and he came bafck with a paper form to be filled out. WiFi wouldn't connect in the room (neither would my cell service on the tablet). Connected to the hotel while in the car while sig. other checked out.

Trip Advisor Cannot recommend this place, the owner is a crook.
Aug 04, 2014 by: D D from Washington
If it weren't for the dishonest manager / owner, the hotel itself deserves about 2 stars. As others have mentioned, you don't stay in the nice historic house on the picture, but rather in the regular motel rooms in the back of the parking lot. The interior looks like it has not been renovated since the Vietnam War... worn out, to say the least. However, the rooms are relatively clean and all right for simply spending the night, if you are not picky about things like a broken chair. We stayed a couple of times. Last time we stayed, our room lost power as soon as I plugged in my phone. We didn't ask for anything, but we appreciated that in the morning the owner came forward to offer us a free night, "any time for the rest of the month"... except he did not really mean it. I made 3 attempts on different occasions, and every time he would weasel out of it. For example, he claimed they were 100% booked when the online reservation system was showing all kinds of rooms available. When I finally made an online reservation, he still refused to honor his offer, saying it was not valid on weekends. That's not what he said originally. I told him I can't make it during the week (as if he didn't know that already), to which he responded that it was my problem. Really? Making it up to his guests for the inconvenience by giving empty promises, wasting their time, and insulting them? I didn't ask for the "free night", but if he offers it himself, then why not follow through instead of putting his guests in the unpleasant position of having to beg for it and get nothing at the end? I am not going back to a place where you can't trust anything the owner says. With that said, the lady on the reception seemed more willing to help, but she apparently did not have a say in it.

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