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Trip Advisor Got a room that a smoker had been in
Apr 16, 2015 by: NotAvailable99 from LaVale, Maryland
Checked in, all seemed OK, then got into our room. A smoker had used it, very recently. Told the front desk, they offered minimal help. Not really interested. Manager has not been on site all day (they said), left it for me to sort out tomorrow if the manager shows. Lack of interest to fix the problem, they are fully booked so who cares if we don't like it. Beware!

Trip Advisor Well Done!
Apr 08, 2015 by: Onadoga from Philadelphia
My daughter and I stayed at this Best Western Over Easter with our dog. The room was nice and in good condition. It was quiet and everyhing worked properly. The Continental breakfast was well done. The staff was very helpful not overbearing. My only negative is that the indoor pool did not have crystal clear water.

Trip Advisor overnight
Mar 30, 2015 by: Wandafaye W from washington, United States
Hotel is very accommodating to all your needs. Great times all year long with the indoor pool/hot tub. Best feature it is pet friendly. Stayed here to celebrate an overnight for my birthday. Enjoyed the hot tub and the morning breakfast. Next door to hotel is a restaurant and a bar. You don't need to leave the area. Hotel in the middle of everything from places to eat, malls, auto stores, and on/off the highway.

Trip Advisor passing through
Mar 29, 2015 by: Jean L from Jefferson Hills, Pennsylvania, United States
loved this hotel. the pool is great and rooms clean! only issue was kids running the hallways. will definitely stay again. great deal for the price!! loved the bar next door. their service and food was very good. also Harley people and the Harley store was right across the street.

Trip Advisor busy place but fine for passing through
Mar 29, 2015 by: CosmoVA from Fairfax, Virginia
I was just passing through and needed a place for one night. The rooms here are a good value. The room I was in must have been part of the original motel and they must have built the corridor later on because the window faced the interior hallway and there was no exterior window due to the bathroom in the back of the room. Speaking of the bathroom, it's one of those where sink is outside (but sort of separated from the main room) and the toilet and shower are in a very small room, probably the smallest I have ever seen in a hotel. Everything was very clean and there was a refrigerator and microwave. I also appreciated the numerous outlets near the bed. The wifi seemed to work very well. I never did figure out the thermostat. I would set the heat around 68, it ran fine, then it got hot and I would see that the setpoint was somehow at 84. This happened a couple of times and I had to switch it over to cool mode. This place caters to groups and there happened to be a college baseball team in town. I had no issues with noise though, with the exception of one or two loud banging knocks from across the hall. It was definitely a busy place. My main gripe has to do with the pool area. They have an indoor pool that is larger than most hotels. It appears that they rented it out to do some sort of kids birthday party the day I was there. The place was packed with screaming little kids so I just sat in the hot tub for a while because the main pool was too crowded. They had pizza and drink tables set up on the deck. Sometimes little kids, junk food, and pools don't go well together and my local health department doesn't permit food in pool areas. I guess they're not that strict in western Maryland. In addition to the pool and hot tub, there is a small fitness room that has basic locker room facilities, a sauna, and a tanning bed (!). I went back to the pool later in the evening when it was - thankfully - less crowded. However, it looked like a tornado had been through with chairs and dirty towels scattered all over and there were no clean towels left. I also noticed this time around that the condensation that forms around the skylight above the hot tub drips on you if you're sitting in the right spot. If management reads these reviews, a clock in the pool area would be helpful. Breakfast was pretty good. As I noted, there were a lot college kids in the hotel and the hostess did an outstanding job keeping everything stocked and she was very helpful and polite. Kudos to her for doing an outstanding job. For other meals, there are two restaurants on the property but be warned neither of them are open late in the evenings. I would likely stay here again. Best Westerns are usually pretty decent and this one, despite how busy it was, was a good value.

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