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Trip Advisor More fun than I thought!!
Sep 17, 2014 by: Valerie S from Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Ok -- so I've been wanting to do this for YEARS!! Finally talked my hubby into going with me (how can you enjoy something if you have no one to say "remember when?"). I was afraid that he was going to back out so I didn't buy the tickets until we arrived in Cumberland. All I can say is that even he didn't mind the 3 hour drive after we did this! Everyone from the ticket booth to the crew on the train -- very nice! We did the Saturday night Murder Mystery. Because we didn't get the tickets until that afternoon, we could not do the dining car (must be reserved 5 days before) -- only the parlor. We lucked up and was in the parlor car with people who were also there to have a good time. The seats were faux leather chairs and you have to turn your head to look out of the window, but we enjoyed the company of the people in the parlor car that we didn't have much time to look out of the window anyway. Besides, the train was moving like 5 mph so you could see stuff if you wanted to! LOL!! The acting company was from Georgia -- excellent!! When we arrived in Frostburg, we got out and walked a bit. It was getting dark so it wasn't much to do. Some kind of way, we missed one of the scenes that was being done because I refused to miss the "turning of the engine" as we walked around. Really had a great time and would definitely do this again. Check out their website -- they do a different mystery every Saturday until November. Oh -- one more hint. My hubby complained about the $60 to ride in the parlor car (he's cheap). During the ride, he went to get me a soda from the dining car. He came back saying that the food portions were a good size and it looked mouth-watering good (he was salivating as he was talking about it)! And the actress even said that WMR had the best food she has every had on a train. Just to let you know, I will be going back to WMR with my penny-pinching hubby -- but this time he insists we do the dining car for $85.

Trip Advisor Great Flat Asphalt Trail
Sep 16, 2014 by: ltaylor767 from Baltimore, Maryland
Lots of places to check out; portable toilets and flat. Beautiful and fun. The C&O Towpath parallels at a lower elevation and closer to the river. We love the asphalt trail as it's a nice smooth ride.

Trip Advisor family fun
Sep 02, 2014 by: Dwayne S from Cumberland, Maryland, United States
have traveled on the rail several times and never have I had a bad experience the crew and venders and the stations have always been helpful and courteous

Trip Advisor Murder Mystery Train
Aug 25, 2014 by: Statmans from Maryland
Challenged by my wife to find something different and fun for her Birthday, I stumbled across the Western Railroad Murder Mystery train in Cumberland Maryland. I chose the option that included dinner, and shared dietary restrictions. The woman who I spoke to read me the ingredients of the available options, and based on a milk allergy, we went with the Pasta Primavera. Upon arriving in Cumberland we parked in the lot and went up the steps to the Western Maryland station building. Shortly after 5:30 the train arrived and we boarded. There were 3 cars guests, one kitchen/staging car plus the engine,. One car was up without tables for those that opted for the murder mystery but no dinner, 2 were set up with tables of 4 people. Your last name on a placard indicated your seat assignment. Shortly before we pulled out of the station, a 'detective" strode through the cars explaining about the mystery murder we were going to see. He told us if we filled out the questions on the paper at our seats, solved the murder and explained how we knew who the murder was, there would be a prize-a wine glass-empty of course. The rail cars were set up in such a fashion that the actors could go from car to car reenacting their scene without people in the other cars seeing or hearing the act. As the train pulled out of the station servers began bringing salad and beverages, and the mystery began. For those that prefer alcoholic beverages rather than the choice of water, lemonade, or sweet tea, there was a cash bar set up. Salad dressing choices were Italian and ranch. Given the allergy and assurances of no cheese, we both went with Italian. The salads were crisp and the dressing savory. Of the 5 actors, the older ones tended to interact with the audience. The younger, apparently less experienced ladies tried by lacked the ability, or skill to do so. However, this didn't take away from the performance for us, though I heard others comparing this performance to others they had been to. When our Pasta Primavera arrived, it appeared to be held together with cheese. I asked the sever if she could confirm it was a totally dairy free dish. She went into the kitchen car to check. When she returned she said she was trying to call the caterer to verify, but since the train was between Cumberland and Frostburg there was no phone signal. She said she'd keep trying and would let me know. My wife and the other diners had finished dinner as she kept coming back and apologizing about the inability to reach the caterer. She was very genuine, offering me other choices, but I felt the dinner was just an add on to the experience, and thanked her anyway, asking her to clear my plate.. We arrived at the Frostburg station to witness 'the murder" Before the actors were set up, we had the opportunity to walk around. We went up to the roundtable to watch the engineer rotate the engine so it could be put on the back of the train for the return to Cumberland. We enjoyed watching and interacting with the conductor and crew, then went into the station to watch the murder scene. Heading back down to Cumberland between scenes, the server apologized again, and told me I'd have no issue with the dessert, as she had prepared it herself. She said since she knew there was a passenger with a milk allergy, she made a carrot cake with coconut milk instead of regular milk, and did not top it with the cream cheese frosting. I was impressed! She also gave me a double portion 'to make up for the dinner". The play ended and we were asked to chose our murderer. We discussed and I chose one suspect, my wife another. They collected our cards, and then announced who the murderer was and why. My wife chose correctly and had filled out the answers to the questions, so we departed with the engraved wine glass. As we were walked towards the exit, the server approached me and gave me 2 more dairy free pieces of her carrot cake. We look forward to going back in the fall for the foliage scenic train.

Trip Advisor A great way to spend a low key day.
Aug 18, 2014 by: Tamara S from Richmond, Kentucky
I took my elderly mom and dad on this 32 mile, 3 1\2 hour trip and they loved it (one hour there, 11\2 hour layover at Frostburg, and one hour back). The scenery was beautiful and the carts were maintained well. There are restrooms and snacks available on board. There is a good commentator on the train and while I really enjoyed it, I would have loved more. However, some folks were really loud and you couldn't hear everything so the volume on the speakers needs to be turned up. Overall, I enjoyed the scenery, commentary, and time in Frostburg.

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