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Trip Advisor Rough start, great finish.
Jan 20, 2015 by: Kaamalal R from 
Upon entering we were not greeted but told by a gentleman behind the glass someone would assist us soon. Another gentleman came 10 minutes later and said he would be with us shortly. Good thing there were exhibits in the lobby or we would just have been waiting. There were no chairs to sit. Finally once served we began our journey. Fyi, check their website for any ID/membership that give discounts before you go. At first I wished we had done a tour but then I was glad we didn't. I don't think a tour would allow the time needed to read all the literature on the exhibits. We were the only ones visiting on this day and time so it allowed all the room we needed for pictures. This museum was truly amazing! Some exhibits gave us chills (slave ship and lynching) but it was very educational. I recommend everyone visit this place if you are in the area. You will definitely walk away with a wealth of information. Even if you are up to date on your history you will still find out something you didn't know. I really wish the gift shop was open/functioning. It appeared that they had some interesting merchandise at one time. I'm not sure how often the workers go through the exhibits because the pouring of water on the slave ship looked to have been dry for quite some time. All in all this was a great museum and a great experience!

Trip Advisor Graet Tour
Dec 22, 2014 by: Taharqa1234 from Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States
Hotep (Peace) and Greeting: My name is Taharqa Bey Muhammad I’m a humble 50 years Old Student of Ancient History First I would like to take some time out to thank you for continuing sharing are very important life and world history story that so many have forgotten, some may have forgotten on purpose or just was never educated either at home or in school. It was my first time visiting the Baltimore Black wax museum this past Saturday, I found the place very well documented, I spent 2hour just reading the post writing, which I was excited to see on all of the artifacts/wax depictions. Doing my educational tour, one this stood out in terms of visitors was that there was more White people there than us on that day and time, I overheard a couple stating that are people (White) was so destructive and brutal, I could feel the sincerity in her voice. I would like to add was and is still acting in that matter today (some not all) I would like to see more advertisement if possible (speaking with Love and Passion) I spoke with friends and told the this place should be on there to do list next year with family (stressing bringing their kids) One important observation noted was in the area/section of Egypt/Kemit Bro/ King Tarharqa 25th Dynasty the picture is totally incorrect, I can say that descriptions were in detail as best with keeping space in mind. I will be initiating a tour with family fiends next year Thank you for continuing the education and resurrection of our history

Trip Advisor Educational Family Experience
Dec 01, 2014 by: Sandra S from 
Excellent educational, cultural and historical experience for the entire family. Definitely worth visiting again.

Trip Advisor Missed Opportunity
Oct 23, 2014 by: T R from Ephrata
I have heard a lot about the museum. HOWEVER, we were told that it was open on the Monday when we attempted to visit it was not. There were no signs to let us know hours or even days of the week. I think that more PR opportunities should be explored so that the hotel and other museums know the location and hours of operation.

Trip Advisor It needs to be seen and it's history known
Aug 31, 2014 by: TurquoiseJ from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
This is an emotional and engaging experience and although some parts are intense, the history cannot be sugarcoated. Take those you love and have them remember what yesterday has given us and what tomorrow promises.

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