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Trip Advisor Always worth the trip
Jan 30, 2015 by: Darstar81 from Baltimore, Maryland
I have visited the national aquarium too many times to count. Its easy for me being a local but if you arent, make it part of your trip. Its always worth it. The exhibits sometimes change but they never disappoint. as I read in another review, this is the closest you can be without getting wet. Bottom line, make sure to visit. You will love what you see. Its always clean, people are friendly, the price is reasonable (and keep an ear out for discount days). Plus there are tons of other attractions and restaurants around to make a day out if it. One of my favorite parts of my city.

Trip Advisor Face to Face with Fish
Jan 29, 2015 by: Tommy G from Arlington, Virginia
We came face to face with lots of fish looking through the glass. It was about as close to scuba diving as you can get without being in the water! Worth the price of admission even if you just go once a year.

Trip Advisor Dolphins were a highlight
Jan 29, 2015 by: Jaime P from Galway, Ireland
A nice way to spend the better part of a morning/afternoon. The dolphin talk/show/info session was a highlight. The rainforest exhibit was pretty cool too. The 4D show was cool, but it felt short--I would have enjoyed being off my feet for a few more minutes.

Trip Advisor Perfect family outing!!
Jan 29, 2015 by: generalnansi from Wilmington, Delaware
This is a great place to take the family for an all-day outing, even in bad weather! The aquarium is on several levels and you just follow the path to all of the exciting things to see. Fish of all kinds and other sea creatures that from the youngest to the oldest in the family to enjoy. It really is an all-day adventure. The food area is clean and makes for an easy lunch or snack time to rest before you continue on. Plant stay for the whole day, so that you don't miss anything!

Trip Advisor Educational and amazing
Jan 29, 2015 by: samtrip12345 from Charlottesville, Virginia
Been here a few time, and they are always trying new things. Educational "dolphin area" -no more shows- is an interesting idea. I like it, but you don't get the same "wow" of the show. The dessert exhibit seems off topic of an aquarium, and the rain forest , too, but one has to go with things that donors' support and what will continue to draw crowns. I learned a lot in both of those area.

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