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Trip Advisor If You Are At all a Physics or Radio/Electronics Buff Such as Myself, You Will Love It!
Dec 15, 2013 by: Vinny067 from Middletown, Maryland
Great place! I loved the outdoor displays of radar antennas from across the history of radar, including some rare non-parabolic dish types!

Trip Advisor Very nerdy.
Nov 19, 2013 by: Bob_lxl from San Jose, California
I love this little museum. However, it is not for everyone. It is underwritten by Northrup and is very defense avionics focused. If you want to see radar systems and electronic counter-measures this is a must-see. On the broader appeal, they have a nice exhibit on the use of radar on the eve of Pearl Harbor and Ham radio.

Trip Advisor Good time-killer
Oct 13, 2013 by: Miranda S from DC
Admission is cheap ($3 per adult) and the exhibits are hands-on and interesting. It's a great place for techie-types to visit. My favorite part was where you stand in front of a heat-seeking camera and can see the cold parts of your face on a TV screen. Very cool and entertaining place to see in the area.

Trip Advisor Electrical Engineers will love it!
Mar 14, 2013 by: Brendan S from Arlington, Virginia
The National Electronics Museum is a small - but dense - museum that is off the beaten path near a bunch of hotels near BWI Airport. The only reasons I found it were (1) I was staying at the Hilton down the street; and (2) there are some large old radar arrays displayed outside of the museum that used to be part of the anti-aircraft defenses designed to protect Washington, DC from Soviet bombers. These arrays are pretty typical of the collection in the museum, which includes electronics from as far back as the early 19th century. The museum focuses on the development of electronics over the years, emphasizing certain applications of electronics, namely satellites, electronic counter measures for military aircraft, military radar and electronic communications technologies. The museum itself is a little amateurish, with hand-typed placards on some exhibits and rather dingy display areas. But there are a bunch of interactive exhibits demonstrating electric principles and a cool infrared technology demonstration. The challenge of this museum is that you'd really need to spend a lot of time here reading the explanations for how the technology works to appreciate it. While certain artifacts such as old satellites and ancient TVs are interesting to look at, most of the exhibits are boxes of wires, knobs and switches that are indistinguishable to a layperson, such as the dozens of radar jammers that all look the same. There are very detailed explanations of how all these devices work. It's pretty intimidating for someone like me with a non-science college degree. But someone interested in "how things work" would love it, and I'd have enjoyed spending some time learning about the principles and mechanics of these electronic devices about which I know very little. Unfortunately, I only had a few hours to spend here, and you'd really need more than that to read and understand many of these devices. Due to the technical nature of this museum, I imagine most young children would be very bored here. Really, the best reason to go here is to spend a day learning about electronics rather than to try to kill an hour or two waiting for a flight or meeting (which is what will likely bring most people here), as you just won't get that much out of it if you walk around looking at things without reading anything (unless you already have substantial knowledge of how electronics work). It's an interesting museum with great learning opportunities, though, and the $3 admission fee is certainly reasonable. For a price that low, it's worth some time, even if you don't have hours and hours to devote to it.

Trip Advisor Interesting electronics evolution
Jan 26, 2013 by: okiedokie_8 from Clarksville,MD
Walked through with my 12 and 13 year old kids. I found it very interesting and walked out with some new knowledge of modern electronics and the principles behind it. My 13 year old son was intrigued but 12 year old daughter not so much. They show evolution of many commonly used electronics and great displays of real hardware. There were also some push button demonstrations. We liked the Infrared camera. Took about an hour to go through and price was great.

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