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Trip Advisor Neat place
Jul 21, 2014 by: blue72jay from New Orleans
Old amusement park that is now a National Park. One of the greatest assets of the park is the Spanish Ballroom that is used on weekend for dances open to the public. There is a beautiful merry-go-round. Also the old bumper car pavilion is used for events as well.

Trip Advisor Step back in time at this old amusement park
Jul 21, 2014 by: Pnemiller from Kutztown, Pennsylvania
The National Park Service operates this great place that used to be an amusement park. There are still things from years ago like a 1921 carousel and a large 1935 Spanish ballroom. They offer classes and programs, such as weekly concerts during the summer. The park opened in the late 1800s and there is an interesting film about its history. We had an excellent lunch at the cafe. Split a delicious Cabin Club sandwich for $8. There is no cost to visit this park.

Trip Advisor The park was nice- the puppet show was over packed!
Jul 13, 2014 by: Tiffany R from Boardman, Ohio
We enjoyed eating lunch in the park and our kids had fun on the carousel ride! We had purchased tickets for the puppet show- 3 adults, 2 kids =$50. We had toured Clara Barton's House at 10 and arrived to the Puppet show about 11:00 only to find a long line of kids on a field trip waiting to get in. Our show started at 11:30 and apparently 11:00 was not early enough to arrive a get good seats on the floor. My kids had a little trouble seeing although they did enjoy what they could see of the performance. The place was over packed with kids! There was a lady working there that was constantly interrupting our view of the show, by moving children around, whispering for adults or children to move from their seats. She seemed very controlling and bossy at times. Just didn't get a welcoming feeling from her. They let people come in late and some adults were asked to give up their seats so that other adults could have seats. With the constant disruption from her I really felt we had over paid for our tickets. I also feel that tickets should come at a discount if it's going to be that packed! Perhaps field trips could be scheduled for their own private showing. It seems that the lady had to constantly monitor all of the field trip children. If that needs to be done due to the volume of school kids -it for sure takes away from others enjoying the performance. Way too many kids without enough adult supervision is just asking for an accident to happen. Overall the performance was nice for kids, but I don't think it's worth us coming back. I wish I could give the whole experience a 3.5 but I'll give it a 4. I appreciate what they are trying to offer here.

Trip Advisor Exhibition at Yellow Barn Studio
Jun 22, 2014 by: darwinsail from Washington DC, District of Columbia
I visit the Park to go to an exhibition of students from the yellow barn studio. What a nice area, and very nice people that show some of their art work, some really nice like the pastel of Ossie from José Teruel !!

Trip Advisor Annual Folk Festival; regular dances; historic carousel
Jun 07, 2014 by: Chrisjazz from Washington DC, District of Columbia
Glen Echo Park is truly a Phoenix risen from the Ashes. Over a century ago, it started out as a Chautauqua retreat for the arts, crafts, rusticating and a bit of summer flings (no alcohol). It morphed into an amusement park, had its ups through the 20s, 30s, and 40s. Went into sad decline and closed in the 70s. -- Amazing what a handful of determined activists in a community can do, raise awareness, raise funds, put on some pressure, get results and reinvent this beautiful space. Now we have a fully restored historic carousel with an amazing circus band organ. The Spanish Ballroom is glorious, a beautiful place for contra dances, swing dances, private parties. The bumper car pavilion was rescued from the wrecking ball and is also a fabulous venue for live Big Bands and dancing. The other buildings house a music school, arts camps for kids, theater. There are kilns for pottery classes in the Yurts. And the whole place is managed well and worthy of your support and patronage. Come with friends, or make it a family outing, pack a picnic lunch, and spend an easy day right outside Washington, DC. Close to the Potomac, bicycle trails, the C&O Canal, and offsite designated parking.

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