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Trip Advisor Convenient transport break but pricey.
Sep 01, 2014 by: NittanyJimbo from Durham, NC
You can use these boats to get around to all the places that might be too far to walk like Canton, Fels Point, Federal Hill and Ft. McHenry. The cost is a little high but you can beat it down but starting early and getting the all day pass for $12 then ride them all well into the night.

Trip Advisor Fantastic Way To See Baltimore
Sep 01, 2014 by: U646 from Columbus, Ohio
While staying in Fell's Point we took the water taxi to the Inner Harbor (Red Line) on a Saturday morning. We purchased an all day pass $12.00 each and you receive a coupon book with it. We used several coupons and saved over $15.00 on different things. The taxi is very easy and goes to several points throughout the harbor area. You pay once you are on board. If you are taking anything more than a one way trip, it's best to do the day pass.

Trip Advisor Not a good experience
Sep 01, 2014 by: oldstillerfan from Rural Valley
I was in Baltimore many years ago and bought the all-day water taxi tickets. When you got on, they asked you where you wanted to go and they would take you there. I took my husband there for the first time and told him how nice the water taxi was. When you get on now, they tell you where they're going. If it isn't where you want to go, you have to wait for another one. We went to Fell's Point. We quickly decide that we didn't want to be there. We had to wait an enormous amount of time before we could get another one. From there, you either had to go to either Ford McHenry or the Canton area. I was planning to have a drink at Captain James Seafood and take a look at the menu, since we thought we might want to eat there some evening. We got off at Captain James and found out that it was closed and didn't open til 4:00. So we walked a couple of blocks and found another bar. An hour later, we went back down to wait for the water taxi. We sat down at one of the picnic tables at the Captain James crab house. We waited for over an hour, when I finally got up and walked over toward the dock. Behind a palm tree, was a sign that said you must wait on the dock and there was a phone number to call if you wanted to get information on the water taxi. When I called the number and asked how long, she asked my how long we had waited. I said, "Over and hour" and she asked if I was on the dock. I said, "I am now." She checked with the captain and told me he would be there in about 20 minutes. We didn't want to wait another 20 minutes, since the day was nearly over, so we ended up hailing a cab to get back. So much for our all-day pass! Next time, I'll take the free bus.

Trip Advisor Nice option for getting around the harbor
Sep 01, 2014 by: sarahtg from Israel
The water taxis were a fun addition both for kids and grownups sightseeing in the harbor. I noticed locals were also using it. The staff was friendly and very helpful.

Trip Advisor A cheap way to travel around the Harbor
Sep 01, 2014 by: ValSurreyUK from Surrey UK
The Baltimore Water Taxi is a very cheap way to visit the various attractions in Baltimore Harbor. We paid a flat rate of $12 each and were able to visit Fort McHenry and Fells Point among others. The taxi is a very pleasant way of seeing the whole area but visitors should know in advance that some stops have to be omitted when there is a very high tide.

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