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Trip Advisor WoW
Jan 28, 2015 by: Beth E from 
I don't think there's a store that isn't in this mall. It's clean, bright and BIG. wear comfortable shoes.

Trip Advisor Cursed at, spit on, threatened, and nearly keyed
Jan 26, 2015 by: kjbgu04 from Washington DC, District of Columbia
This was my second time going to Arundel Mills mall. I'll never go back. I echo the comments on parking constraints that many others shared. I had circled for a really long time and finally found a family leaving. I followed them as they walked to their car and put on my turn signal. Another driver RACED down the lane and put on his turn signal as well. He rolled down the window and said something to the family, who replied. They pulled out, their van maneuvering in a way that blocked him but allowed me to pull into the spot. The angry driver got out of the car and beat on my window "Homeboy! This was my spot. I asked that man for his spot." I replied simply that my signal was on first. We repeated this exchange 2-3 times, and then he tried to open my car door, but my door was locked. The man's wife yelled to him from the car to get back in the car so they could go find another parking spot. They drove away, and after a few minutes, I got out of the car. I had just stepped inside the mall when I realized I had forgotten something I needed and had to go back to my car. I returned to my car to discover the same man standing in front of my car with a key in his hand. When he saw me, he ran after me shouting threats and obscenities at me. Trying to calm things down, I asked him "Sir, were you able to find a parking spot?" He spit on my shoes and replied, "Man, f*** you. I'm gonna bust your m***** f****** tires." Any store you could want at Arundel Mills, any restaurant, any movie theater, any anything is available within a reasonable driving distance that doesn't require being cursed out, threatened, spit on, and your vehicle nearly keyed. I recognize this could happen at any mall, but the unique parking constraints and the kind of personnel that Arundel Mills attracts make that more likely than anyplace else. Go somewhere else, where you don't have to deal with this crap.

Trip Advisor Maryland Live Casino
Jan 25, 2015 by: Helen G from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Good time, good food, lots of restaurants to choose from, great shuttle service from Aloft Hotel in Hanover, MD

Trip Advisor Serious parking capacity constraints
Jan 23, 2015 by: NeoWasHere from Frederick, Maryland
Since we were in the area, I wanted to stop by this mall and pick up a toy for my son. What a bad idea deciding to go here. There was no available parking. None. I mean at all. It literally took an hour before I was finally able to park. In order to park at this mall's lot, you have to park in the lane and wait for someone to hopefully come by your lane to leave in their car. It's crazy. So much so, we had to go across the street to the Wendy's to use their restroom. That's how long we waited. Then it was back again to put up with more fun parking adventures. By the time we parked, the excitement of visiting the state's 2nd largest mall had long passed. We went into Dave & Buster's briefly to try to play a game but the people playing the game next to the one we wanted to play wouldn't move. They were in our way watching their party play a different game and wouldn't allow us to play the one we wanted. There was also way too many people in the store so it was very hot. We started to sweat just walking around. Furthermore, I think it's pretty sad that this is now the only Dave & Buster's location in the entire state. My son was able to enjoy a $4 train ride in the mall. It lasted about 7-8 minutes and he chose to ride by himself. He had a great time on it. You board it near the cinema.

Trip Advisor The mall of malls
Jan 05, 2015 by: Crystal D from Miami, Florida
This mall is HUGE to say the least and has everything you need. Movie theater, restaurants, casino; you name it, they have it. My mom and I were in Baltimore for the weekend and found our go to spot. Overall, it is a great mall. Clean, lots to see and do. I definitely have to make it a point of duty to come back on my next visit.

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