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Trip Advisor Horrible!
Dec 22, 2014 by: Linda S from 
We paid $4.00 to get in per person. So for us that was $25.00. The elderly man tells us they haven't planted a tree in "a lonnnggg" time. Said we can pick a precut from someone else's farm that they had on display or climb a 20 foot tree and cut the top off of it. There were only 3 animals in the petting zoo and they wanted additional money to ride the train. We ended up going to Jones Farm a few miles away and having a much nicer experience.

Trip Advisor Great place for families!
Dec 08, 2014 by: Countryfarmgirl from 
My family and I have come to applewood farm every year to cut down our Christmas tree. Upon arriving, we were greeted by smiling faces and the friendly owner. Applewood has changed a lot over the years, from the new management, to redesigning the inside of the barn, and selling new items from local businesses. However, some changes at applewood have not been as positive as many of their upgrades. Unfortunately, applewood no longer has reindeer (this used to really get my family in the holiday spirit!) or horse drawn carriage rides, although I did see pony rides when I came in the fall. The tree selection at applewood might not be as good as at other local farms, but that isn't why my family comes to applewood each year—we come for the experience. I am thankful that a family business like applewood farm still operates in my community.

Trip Advisor Horrible
Dec 06, 2014 by: Jason L from 
We went to applewood farms to create a memory for our first Christmas together. Applewoods website advertised fresh cut trees or a Wagon ride to the field for cut your own tree. Upon arrival we was charged 16 dollars for admission. I could accept that price if they had anything to offer. It was drizzling with rain that day so no Wagon ride and no outside activities. All the trees they had to cut were 20 foot tall bushes. So the field was not a option. We paid 16 dollars just to be told they didn't have any activities or field trees. Applewood is a bunch of money hungry crooks! DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY GOING! They should Be ashamed!

Trip Advisor tourist trap
Dec 01, 2014 by: Lynn R from Port Deposit, Maryland, United States
Don't go there if you plan on cutting down a tree because they don't have any , the guy said feel free to cut down any of the 20 feet trees , but you might need a ladder, it cost $4.00 each just to go in , we thought that included riding the train , but no, it cost another $4.00 each to do that , which we did not pay, luckily my grandson didn't get upset , petting zoo consist of a goat , donkey , and a sheep , what a joke !!! I will never go back , left empty handed , went to a real Christmas tree farm .

Trip Advisor Apple is deceiving
Oct 19, 2014 by: christina b from 
My teenage daughter and I were expecting something different. It is a great place for young children but not for teens. Also the only apples I saw were a bushel with prices listed and gallons of cider for sale. Not sure why we had to pay $4 a piece to get in. Definitely go if you have young children otherwise skip this attraction.

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