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Trip Advisor A Piece of Living History!
Sep 30, 2014 by: ErnTrekker from PA
This was on my list of places to see & I finally gathered up the kids to make the trip over to the Island...a great afternoon! The quiet atmosphere stands in contrast to the hustle & bustle of the Shore towns to the east - a throwback to an earlier time. Granted, this isn't a place for a whirlwind of touristy glitz, but it is a place where you can arrive, grab something to eat & stroll around streets of the small town via foot/bike/golf cart...and really get an appreciation of what the Chesapeake Bay used to be like. The boat ride to & from the Island is also a great experience as well - I'd definitely recommend Smith Island for a family visit or for someone wanting to do something different while visiting the Eastern Shore! PS - try the cake!

Trip Advisor A Total Waste
Sep 22, 2014 by: Unhappysenior50 from 
$40 x 5 poor senior ladies = $200 wasted!! The ride over was boring! The shipmate or whatever his title was, was very rude and never smiled . As soon as we arrived at Smith Island we were ushered into a restaurant . The menu was high so we 5 seniors moved on to look at whatever else was there. A museum and a shack of a restaurant where we afforded a crab cake and fries for $14 . The crab cake was delicious! People who worked there and anyone else involved with this money making racket were not inviting and did not make you feel warm and welcome. Do not waste your hard earned money on that sickening 'cake'. Go have crepes at Bob Evans or somewhere . It was awful! Please find something fun and worthwhile to spend your money on!

Trip Advisor Short time to visit, few things to see/do
Sep 03, 2014 by: MaryKop from Colorado Springs
Took the ferry over ($25/pp RT + $2 per bike). "Ferry" was really a small commercial boat. We shared the aft deck with a washing machine. Pleasant ride, nice skipper---calm seas and sunny. About a 45 minute ride over, about 2 1/2 hours on the island. 2 restaurants, the 9-Layer cake factory and a museum are about it. Ate at Ruke's--lots of fried seafood--soft shell crabs were outstanding. Very friendly people, but a serious lack of....island pride? I know the sea takes its toll on things, and the economy is really tight, especially here, but could someone take the time to stand up signs about the island history? We wanted to come because of its endangered status and to help the locals by spending $$ .... but not much to offer. We enjoyed riding our bikes the 5 miles of roadways---beware if you're coming at high tide--they won't rent the electric carts due to the bad mix of batteries and sea water. It was very interesting to watch the tide rise, especially on the outer roads...

Trip Advisor BORING BORING and over priced lunch.
Sep 02, 2014 by: matt b from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
What a disappointment this trip was. First there was a slow 3 hour boat ride. You pass an old Liberty ship that is so far away it's hard to see. Then when you do get to the island you can pay for an over priced lunch. Afterwards there are bicycles and golf carts for you to rent. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY. There is nothing to see. No people were out and even if they were you could see the same things taking a walk around you own neighborhood.

Trip Advisor Wonderful escape
Jul 18, 2014 by: Harry S from 
Very remote and isolated trip. Very few people on this island. No shop or restaurants, just you and the handful of inhabitants. We stayed at the Inn of Silent Music B&B. Linda and Rob we're fantastic hosts. Wonderful, wonderful experience, but may not be right for every one.

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