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Trip Advisor Beautiful Beach!
Sep 30, 2014 by: Loungecat73 from Media, Pennsylvania
Staff at the Visitor's Center were friendly and helpful - I do recommend picking up the map and getting a quick spiel if it's your first trip. We spent an afternoon at the unguarded beach and found it to be clean, beautiful and uncrowded, although there were plenty of people around so it didn't feel remote either. We happened to be traveling through the area and only had half a day to spend, so I would certainly like to go back again and explore the trails and the bayside next time.

Trip Advisor Breathtaking
Sep 30, 2014 by: Mildoba from Hazlet, New Jersey
The park and beach were so beautiful, but the ponies were what we came to see and they were gorgeous. We had plenty of time to just park on the side of the road and take pictures of them. Most everyone we encountered we great and respectful of the ponies and surrounding park. Unfortunately, Assateague, like everywhere else, is not exempt from the occasional disrespectful moron.

Trip Advisor Absolutely Lovely
Sep 30, 2014 by: angooredcow from Springfield
What a great place! The wild horses meet you everywhere at the park. Keep your eyes open. They stroll along the roads and graze on the sides. They neigh as they pass. They walk up very closely and brush against you. They roll on their backs because they itch. You want to pet them. But, do not touch or feed them. These are wild animals which will bite. There is also a $100 fine. The two beaches are beautiful. Pristine, quiet, and empty. They are probably very busy and crowded in the summer. There are dolphins or porpoises swimming in the ocean. They bob up and down to our delight at this rare sighting. Deer also live there. They are less visible than the horses. You have to stay alert to spot them. The trails are great. They have boardwalks so it is easier to walk. Unfortunately, there are lots of mosquitoes that bite. I had six mosquitoes swarming around my socks, another six at the back of my tee-shirt and at least four more feeding on each hand all at one time! I wished I were a horse that could also roll on my back to get rid of the itch. There are more visible horses here in Assateague than Chincoteague, the Virginia side of the island. Camping is also allowed at Assateague. To get the full impact of an Assateague experience, I strongly suggest camping. This way, you see the wild horses and ponies at all times. This was a worthwhile visit. It is worth a repeat visit.

Trip Advisor Quaint Beach with Wild Horses
Sep 29, 2014 by: Karen T from Middletown, Connecticut
We stopped here for a few hours one day to see the wild horses and check out the beach. We got there in the late morning/early afternoon. We were very lucky to not run into traffic getting into the park. On the way out we saw a huge line of cars to get into entrance. Plan accordingly - my suggestion would be to go as early in the morning as possible (check their hours). Also, I wouldn't recommend going in the middle of the day (especially in summer), because as we learned then, the horses are too hot and are not out roaming as much. It's better to go early morning or late in the evening. We saw campers there - which we are going to try next time we visit. Another tip: there is a section of the beach that allows for off-road or 4x4 vehicles to drive onto it and park there. Lots of fisherman and people with kids do this. But, it is first come, first serve and if you don't get a spot you will be waiting (with your vehicle) in a long line just outside of the beach area. Some people had already been there for 2-3 hours hoping a few trucks will leave the beach so they could go on. I would say, if you don't get a spot, don't bother!

Trip Advisor PONIES!!!
Sep 29, 2014 by: Thorster01 from Altoona, Pennsylvania
I love visiting Assateague and all the adventures on this island. There are trails to walk and bikes to rent. Every time I come here, something new is seen.

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