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Trip Advisor Wild Horses? Cute! No, annoying
Oct 20, 2014 by: Kevhurtbuddy from Washington DC, District of Columbia
When my friends asked if I wanted to go camping on the beach at Assateague, I was a little skeptical. I'm not a big camper--in fact, the last time I "camped," I was in the Army. And that was for weeks at a time in a camouflage tent with a potbelly stove in the dead of winter in Germany. Not that fun. But this would be different: beers, a beach, good food, good weather, and a bunch of friends. And wild horses. Assateague National Seashore, in south eastern Maryland, is home to hundreds of wild horses that freely walk around the beach and roam the campsites looking for food. Wow, cute, you might be saying. But I got sick of them after the first night. The horses were so aggressive that no amount of yelling scares them away. We had to resort to kicking sand towards them to really get them to realize they were not wanted. I'm an animal guy and I even felt justified in doing this. We got there on Friday night, right before dark. If we had gotten there any later, I think finding our campsite location would have been a real challenge. So that's my first travel tip--get there before it gets dark. And don't stay where we stayed on Friday night (the bayside of Assateague). Stay on the ocean side of the island. I think if you reserve your camping spot early enough, that shouldn't be a problem. The bayside had more mosquitos and was more crowded with cars, campers, and wild horses than the ocean side was. Don't get me wrong, we had a lot of fun, but I think it was because of the company we kept. We could have been in the set of the movie Saw and still had a good time. The first night fun because we got a good campfire going and had tons of food and beers to burn through. And marshmallows--I can't remember the last time I cooked marshmallows on an open fire. I didn't sleep that well the first night. It was humid and my dog Ollie was really antsy and couldn't get comfortable. But we eventually fell to a restful sleep as the crickets chirped and the ocean waves pounded the beach nearby. But I awoke in the darkness to a dog barking. Ollie, where are you? He wasn't in the tent. I fumbled with the tent zipper for a little and stumbled out in the darkness. About 100 feet away, there was Ollie, set against a orange glow from the campfire of the next campsite over, like something out of The Call of the Wild, barking at our neighbors. Apparently I did not fully zip the tent and Ollie must have nosed his way out. Now I was faced withe embarrassment of running over in my shorts and apologizing to the 10 college-age guys were just sitting there laughing at Ollie's outburst. The next morning, after frying up some bacon, we began moving our stuff over to our new campsite on the ocean side of the island, at our assigned campsite area next to the dunes overlooking a beautiful broad beach. We spent the morning setting up camp--it was a little difficult because we could not park our cars right next to where we were camping, necessitating a lot of trips back and forth. Once we had put up our tents, it was time to eat lunch and soak in the sun. Later on in the night, we ran out of firewood--a total rookie move that could have put an early end to our night. We were saved by our campsite neighbors, who had extra and were nice enough to let us give us some. All in all this was a great trip. I got to catch up with my friends, relax on the beach, eat some great food, and see two gorgeous sunrises and one sunset. Tips: 1. Stay on the ocean side of the island 2. Minimize the number of cars you bring: Entry fee is $15 for parking 3. Bring plenty of firewood. You'll see a bunch of firewood stands on the drive in. 4. Stay at the National Seashore, not the state Park. I heard the National Seashore is better. 5. Don't leave any of your food out at night; the horses will eat it 6. On the way back, stop at farm stands and pick up fresh vegetable

Trip Advisor Awesome.
Oct 20, 2014 by: PaBirddog from pa
Walked the beach in a light drizzle. Very romantic. Ponies on the beach. Picked up some very nice shells. This beach is a favorite of mine.,

Trip Advisor Wild Horses!!
Oct 15, 2014 by: Kristen H from Port Chester, New York
We heard about Assateague Island when we were looking up things to do in Ocean City, Maryland. We didn't know much about it, but from what people were saying we decided to check it out. We were soooo glad we went there! We took the short drive and as soon as we went over the bridge, we saw wild horses! We got to take pictures and they came so close to us in the car! But be careful when driving! When we turned around they were right in the middle of the road! Drive slow and enjoy the scenery

Trip Advisor Wild horses, Clamming & Crabbing
Oct 14, 2014 by: pot2x from 
Beautiful seashore with lots of things to do such as crabbing, clamming and fishing. Make sure to bring your pail, bucket and boots to go clamming. Wild horses roam free on this island so get ready with your cameras. Thoroughly enjoyed the trip to this island will definitely return to stay longer.

Trip Advisor Breathtakingly beautiful!
Oct 09, 2014 by: riggslv from Abingdon, Maryland
We went camping for Mother's Day weekend here. The ponies will come right up into camp, so please follow the rules they set for interaction with them. We were able to fish in the ocean, and also in the brackish water on the other side. We took a trip through the National Park and found amazing wildlife there. One night, we were sitting around the campfire, and a baby deer laid down beside my teenage daughter who was overjoyed. It's a wonderful camping site for families and fishermen/women

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