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Trip Advisor Disappointed
May 26, 2014 by: TravelinGoof from Newark, Delaware
My family (3 adults) and I took a drive from Delaware with our two dogs to check out this arboretum that to our surprise was dog friendly. This was probably the only good part of the day, as there is definitely lots of trails to explore with your dogs. But that's about it, there wasn't any nice areas displaying any sort of special trees or plants (like the Morris & Tyler arboretums in PA), most of it was overgrown or in a natural state. Normally this wouldn't bother us, we love nature and walking trails etc. but why advertise as an arboretum when it just looks like any old piece of land with forests and fields. State parks offer more nature to see, with less price for admission. Also, the maps and signs were confusing at times so we gave up looking for highlights in the area and ended up just wandering around. We did enjoy the cute, friendly goats, but overall it wasn't worth the price of admission, even with using a discount coupon. Please note, if you decide to go to this arboretum, please take some extra precautions and either pack with you, or use the bug spray provided (a box attached to a pole outside of the gift shop) before walking on the trails. Unfortunately none of us used any bug spray and all three of us and both dogs had several ticks on our bodies when we got back to the car, including in my hair and two managed to get under the leg of jeans. We didn't go off the trails or do anything abnormal. Tick season is definitely in full swing in this area!

Trip Advisor Save your time and money
May 22, 2014 by: Joy of Travel H from Duncannon, Pennsylvania
The parking lot is the best part of this attraction. After paying $5 per we we told to make sure we visited the goats. The goats were there to eat the honeysuck which has overrun the area. If you want to spend 1/2 hour walking around a a few acres of catterpillar invested scub land then by all means stop in. My advise is if you want to contribute to this tourist trap is to through the money out the window as you drive by and continue to the park to walk the trails.

Trip Advisor Petfriendly, friendly staff, and unique park
Oct 13, 2013 by: Marinda0 from Herndon
The arboretum is very unique. It has gravel trails and grassy trails that guide you through the arboretum. There are signs indicating which trail you are on, but without the printed map to accompany the signs, they can be confusing. The park is divided into approximately 1/3 trees with gravel trails, 1/3 tall grass and scrubs with grassy trail, and 1/3 trees in the woods with dirty trails. I highly recommend wearing hiking shoes or athletic shoes. Sandals are not recommended because your feet can get very dirty from the dirt and gravel. I went in early October and there was no bugs. During other time of the year, recommend preparing yourself with bug spray. Not to worry, if you forgot the bug spray, the arboretum is kindly to provide some. Once you exit the visitor center/gift shop where you pay for your admission, you will find bottles of bug spray available for you to use. The restaurant is also in the visitor center/gift shop. If you are traveling with your pets, pets are welcome and please pick up after your pet. The arboretum also has a fenced in area for goats. There was a family of goats when I was there, and my dog just loved them as they loved my dog. The second they noticed my dog was approaching, the goats came out of their little house and started slowly walking toward us. They were curious, and my little dog wanted to play with them. That was the highlight of our visit.

Trip Advisor Absolutely worth the visit
Oct 12, 2013 by: traveling_fr0m_TX from Houston, Texas
Start at the informative visitor center, ask questions, and get a map. Staff are very helpful and can steer you in the direction best for what you are hoping to see. Visit the website, too, as they have many interesting activities for families, groups, and individuals, including classes. Worth the small entry fee, and a great supplement to a visit to nearby Tuckahoe State Park (which is free).

Trip Advisor Great spot for birding
May 19, 2013 by: Birdguy from Carlisle, PA
This nature facility may just be the most well maintained that my wife and I have ever seen. The trail system is extensive, through many types of habitats, and is well-marked, mowed, and graded. There are many intersecting trails, so make sure you take along a visitor guide and map. The differing habitats (meadows, forests, wetlands, streams) produce a variety of birds and plants. It's a great place for a hike of any length, and easy for all ages to handle. Also check out the well-stocked visitor center store.

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