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Trip Advisor Truly Historical
Aug 18, 2014 by: 2003Stillstanding from Annapolis, Maryland
So much I did not know, audio and costumes tell stories of some individuals I never knew played such roles in history.

Trip Advisor Secret Treasure
Aug 17, 2014 by: AABeyer from Freeland, Maryland
We came to this museum when we found it on TripAdvisor and glad that we did. We have two tweens and they don't have the attention span for these types of things that we adults do and this museum was just the right size. We all learned a lot about slavery in Maryland, most specifically in the Annapolis/Baltimore region. The gentleman that greeted us and started us on our tour could not have been nicer and more welcoming. This place is a real gem

Trip Advisor African American history
Jul 22, 2014 by: Journeying_Jean from Boston, Massachusetts
Another free stop in Annapolis with insight into African American history in Maryland and Annapolis. The AME church portion features an exhibit of Herbert Frisby, the second African American to the North Pole (he was inspired by the story of Alexander Henson, the first to make it with Cdr. Peary). The main museum part featured displays on the fight to save the church where Frederick Douglas once spoke and about the fight for freedom in Maryland with spotlights on key players such as Frederick Douglas and Harriet Tubman. I was impressed by the correspondence between Benjamin Banneker & Thomas Jefferson, the former confronting the latter on his slave holdings. Enlightening, a nice addition to other sites in the city and state.

Trip Advisor Great Historical Find
Jun 24, 2014 by: VLCEnterprises from Washington DC, District of Columbia
Among the many times I've visited with my daughter, I had the pleasure of attending a doll making session which was sponsored by a sorority organization which was enlightening and fun. Historical facts were shared about the once great church-turned-museum.

Trip Advisor North Pole
Jun 21, 2014 by: Jason O from Arnold, Maryland
Museum was great and the people were more than helpful to my three daughters. They learned about the adventure of getting to the North Pole with an interactive programmed that kept them interested and exploring the museum for much longer than most!

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