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Trip Advisor Beautiful Setting!
Jan 27, 2015 by: Ava515 from Marshfield, Ma
Although it was closed when we were there, we walked around the grounds and learned all the history etc. Quite impressive. Definitely not to be missed!

Trip Advisor Marble Marvel
Jan 16, 2015 by: Mike S from 
If you are in the great town of Annapolis plan a visit to what is one the greatest architectural wonders around. Built in 1772, you just don't see wonders like this every day.

Trip Advisor Pleasant grounds
Jan 15, 2015 by: Caitlin S from New York City, New York
The interior of the state house is beautiful (and quite interesting), but I think the highlight of visiting is wandering the grounds themselves. They're perfect for a leisurely walk on a pleasant sunny day.

Trip Advisor Elegant
Jan 15, 2015 by: James H from Arnold, Maryland
I'm a sucker for visiting state houses as they usually wrap themselves in the history of the state they represent. The Annapolis State House - used as the background for the US Capital in several movies - is what you would expect in the vast expanses of marble and beautiful decor. It is different that most in that it contains the old statehouse which predates the constitution and gives a sense of what was in a far simpler time. It is very much worth a visit and stroll in the entire neighborhood as it is in the historic downtown of Annapolis. If only the politicians were as good as the architecture!

Trip Advisor Beautiful and filled with history
Jan 14, 2015 by: emilyl32 from 
Warning, the State House us undergoing renovations right now to restore some of the historic rooms. You can feel the history oozing out of this place. The renovations theyve done to this point have beautifully restored the grandeur of the rooms. Come see the speech Geoge Washington gave to resign his commission and walk through the rooms he walked through. See the rooms where many scenes from "House of Cards" were filmed. Fun way to spend an hour or so

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