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Trip Advisor Timing matters
Apr 08, 2015 by: NoVAGirl20121 from Fairfax, Virginia
So we came on a weekday during spring break, so no school groups. Before entering they brought out huge bins of bubbles which was a great way to attract attention. We didn't arrive until 2pm, knowing the museum closed at 5 but the woman at the front assured us we could see the imax and all the exhibits in the time that was left. We didn't agree, after watching the imax we were a little rushed in other areas, think we could have used 4-5 hours overall. They had a "show" about electricity that was cute. The kids also enjoyed laying on a bed of nails. The employees we had contact with were all friendly and helpful but we did see less and less of them as it got closer to closing. The big negative was we wanted to go to the planetarium and they told us there was a 4:30 show but when we arrived we found out the last one was at 4:00. After telling management this was the main reason for our visit and we traveled 90 minutes to get there I was impressed that they gave us free tickets for another visit. The management handling our issue, the fact that it wasn't that crowded and considering it's located right ON the harbor made for a really good visit.

Trip Advisor Great Day for a 9 year old
Apr 06, 2015 by: bloomigirl from Near Lake Placid NY
Spent 4 hours in the science center and didn't see it all. The experiment area was well run, not just a massive herd of children fighting to see the same thing. This was the highlight of spring break for my daughter.

Trip Advisor Fun for the whole family
Apr 05, 2015 by: M E from Tucson
Wonderful science museum that will delight the whole family. Thoughtful and well maintained exhibits highlight science, nature and discovery. Kids of all ages will enjoy visiting and the views of the inner harbor are just lovely. Great place and worth taking the time to visit.

Trip Advisor Not for adults....too many school kids to enjoy
Mar 31, 2015 by: jfwilder from maryland
We got there right as the doors opened and got right in. Soon afterward, busloads of school kids swarmed the place. We then decided to start on the opposite route by going to the 3rd floor first and then work down while they worked up. It sort of worked...maybe should have went 2nd, 3rd then keep ahead of the masses of kids. My 11yr old daughter liked it enough to fill 3 hours worth but overall, it's just too much video and not enough real science. For little kids, it's something to kill 3 hours and spend a boatload on parking and food to waste a morning...but for adults, it's dreadful. It's dumbed down science overall, and with the kids stepping all over you, hogging the hands on displays there are, and even running straight into you without so much as looking back....I would rather I had visited about any other place. I certainly won't go back...been there...done that. I had Chicago's museum of natural history to go by and that was fantastic. This is a pale shadow of that. The harbor area in general has just gotten too commercial and not worth really ever going back.

Trip Advisor Robert
Mar 29, 2015 by: Chusri B from Saint Mary's, Antigua
so spcail place the most pople like that nice place spacail trip there are nice travelling and visiting stay with us

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