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Trip Advisor Great Venue
Sep 02, 2014 by: John296 from 
The stadium is in walking distance to many hotels. It is very well maintained. The food and beverages are as you would expect from a stadium. I watched the Ohio State vs. Navy game but would love to come back for a Ravens game.

Trip Advisor Nice Venue
Sep 01, 2014 by: U646 from Columbus, Ohio
Attended the Navy vs Ohio State game recently. This was our first visit the the stadium. We were staying in Fell's Point so we took the water taxi to the Inner Harbor and walked to the stadium. It was about a 20 minute walk. No problem getting in, the crowd flowed easily 45 minutes prior to kickoff. We were on the club level, it was very nice with great food and wonderful seating areas. Our view from the corner end zone seats was very good.

Trip Advisor Nicer than most....
Sep 01, 2014 by: wvgm from Amherst, Ohio
We've been to several NFL stadiums and M&T is better than most. Parking was close by and easy to walk to. Exiting the stadium was simple and it took less than 20 minutes to get back on Rt. 295 after the game. Sec. 123 was excellent for viewing the Navy v. OSU game. Great seats near the Navy Midshipman. Purse policy is not a problem if you follow the policy!

Trip Advisor Worst stadium experience ever
Sep 01, 2014 by: Kimberly S from Moorestown, New Jersey
Visited in late August to see our Ohio State Buckeyes take on the Navy Midshipmen in a college football game. Since this stadium was built to host NFL games, you'd think it could handle a college game that wasn't even sold out. Not the case. Here's why: 1) There's no stadium parking so you have to take light rail or park a few blocks away. Not a big deal if you plan ahead, though, but no tailgating or easy parking like we're used to. 2) As you enter the stadium, you may or may not be stopped to check your bag. The stadium claims to have a strict bag policy (no bags bigger than a wristlet unless it's clear) but it was not enforced consistently. Luckily, we received an email a few days before the game informing us of the policy, so I left my bag and wore pants with pockets. Those who were stopped with bags were forced to "check" their bag, which seemed like a reasonable option...until you try to leave after the game and are confronted with huge, huge lines of people waiting for their bags. The employees responsible for retrieving the bags had absolutely no sense of urgency; I would guess it was easily an hour wait there. Glad I left my bag at home. 3) Consistent lines at the bathroom, all day long. This game was far from sold out. Must be really waits bad when the place is full. 4) Massive lines at the concession stand, and no one is in a hurry to help you. By the middle of the 3rd quarter, they were out of food. They started out with a great selection - crab cakes, cheese steaks, pork tacos, hummus sandwiches, pulled pork, BBQ turkey, boneless wings, pizza, etc. I was actually excited for lunch. I waited in line for half an hour in the beginning of the 3rd quarter and as the line crept closer to the counter, they kept announcing what they were out of. By the time I got to the counter, they were out of all meat/sandwiches except hot dogs. Pretzels, crab fries, nachos and popcorn were all fine but not what I wanted for lunch. How in the world could you run out of food in the middle of a game? Isn't this why the stadium was built - to host fans watching sporting events?? How could they not plan to feed them? Shocking... 5) And then there's the "no cap" policy. Apparently, they have a policy that if they sell you a bottle of water or soda, they have to throw away the cap. They cannot give it to you to cover the bottle you just bought. No idea what they are trying to achieve here, but it sure makes transporting multiple bottles up a huge flight of stairs quite a challenge. Not to mention that the cup holders at the seats don't actually hold the bottles so they end up spilling easily. I almost wonder if the policy works with the open cup holders to increase sales - when the bottles tip over, you have to fork over another $4.50 for a bottle of water. I actually feel sorry for Ravens fans if this is anything like what they experience during a home football game. Unbelievable.

Trip Advisor NFL Stadium Rules for a College Football Game
Sep 01, 2014 by: teachers55 from Columbus, Ohio, USA
All the NFL stadiums have stupid rules about sizes of purses and removing bottle caps for purchased drinks. Really makes thing inconvenient. Plus this stadium has no shade except underneath and then a fan can't watch the game except on the small TVs which are hard to see in the sunlight. The workers were friendly, but once again, too few women's bathrooms!

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